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Health Maven's Answer
Hmmm . . . not that I'm aware.  A hemorrhoid is a weakness in the tissue surrounding a... more
Apr 03 2011 10:25am
Sorry I'm 12 hours late to the party.  Both RxBlogger & Joe are spot on.  Man boobs,... more
Apr 05 2011 8:48am
Glad you're feeling better.  Since they diagnosed you with a viral infection, I hope... more
Apr 05 2011 8:57am
Hmmm . . . did your family physician give you a name besides describing what's going... more
Apr 06 2011 12:32am
I highly doubt you have a problem.  The number of pads used during menses varies... more
Apr 06 2011 12:42am
Hmmm . . . Medically speaking, when you say leg, are you talking about your calf or... more
Apr 06 2011 12:48am
Mar 30 2011 12:30am
Sorry, I'm not clear what you're asking.  If you want to know if it's difficult to... more
Apr 06 2011 12:53am
Both Daniel A. & organicproductsplus make excellent points.  As a family physician &... more
Apr 06 2011 5:47am
Unfortunately, it's very difficult to make a diagnosis with the descriptions provided... more
Apr 06 2011 3:57pm
Off the cuff, you might be hypothyroid or anemic or both.  Talk to your family... more
Apr 07 2011 4:11am