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Health Maven's Answer
Hmmm . . . a few more details would be helpful, like when, where, duration, etc.  While... more
Mar 20 2011 4:08pm
I'm getting to these questions later than everyone else.  RxBlogger has put together a... more
Mar 21 2011 2:31am
Hernias typically get bigger when you increase pressure behind them.  So take a deep... more
Mar 21 2011 2:40am
Hernias can be thought of as essentially internal organs in the wrong place.  For... more
Mar 21 2011 3:00am
While there are some studies that demonstrate that exercise using large muscles can... more
Mar 23 2011 6:01am
Hmmm . . . didn't you just ask about raising low testosterone?  If you want children,... more
Mar 23 2011 6:15am
One more thought:  smoking (cigarettes, cigars, even marijuana) can decrease blood... more
Mar 23 2011 6:31am
I'm sorry to hear about her heart attack but am glad that she's home.  While she was... more
Mar 23 2011 6:50am
RxBlogger has a nice list of possible diagnoses.  Unfortunately, just about anything... more
Mar 24 2011 9:20am
It's one thing for your heart to pound hard & fast after you've sprinted, been scared,... more
Mar 25 2011 3:18am