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Zhang dejiang reiterated that chongqing reform and opening-up policy unchanged

Posted Nov 09 2012 7:00am

On November 8th, the  Cheap Beats By Dre  communist party of China 18 times national congress at the great hall of the people in Beijing the opening, that day afternoon, chongqing delegation to the Chinese and foreign journalists to discuss open. The vice premier of the state council, chongqing municipal party committee secretary zhang dejiang speeches. Photography: the shaw kernel

On November 8 in the afternoon, Chinese communist party congress 18 into the group discussion stage, chongqing delegation of the Chinese and foreign media open, attracted dozens of Chinese and foreign media to interview. Chongqing development situation, future trends and so on, all become the focus in the reporters. In the face of the reporter omnifarious problem, chongqing leaders always with an open attitude to answer one by one.

2 PM hui, distance activities began to have more than half an hour, is located in the great hall of the people to the west of four layers of chongqing hall is filled from central and local media  Cheap Beats By Dre  and the Associated Press, Reuters, ansa news agency, Fuji TV and other dozens of domestic and foreign media reporter. JiZheOu is various "pike short gun" for full to the brim. When the vice premier of the state council, chongqing municipal party committee secretary zhang dejiang appeared in the camera shutter sound into one.

On November 8th, is not only eighteen big opening day, is also the journalist day. In the media open link, zhang dejiang first to reporters with the greetings, "just I checked the have twenty or thirty video camera, plus jounalist, I estimated that LiuQiShiWei. Today is the attention of 13th the journalist day, I take this opportunity to chongqing, on behalf of the delegation to you our warmest greetings to you, and to extend a warm welcome to ChongQingTuan interview."

Since this year, the international financial crisis influence China's economy is facing severe challenges, chongqing is no exception. In addition, the first quarter for foreign investment to chongqing once fluctuating, investment progress to slow down, the domestic capital also has wait-and-see mood. For journalists focus on the current development situation in chongqing, chongqing mayor HuangJiFan said, in the state council to take a series of measures, chongqing in the financial crisis under the background of deepening, economic growth present a contrarian up positive situation. He said: "(2012) mid-march, DE jiang secretary to chongqing chongqing  Cheap Beats By Dre  municipal party committee hosted work, since then adopted a series of measures, the first is the party central committee stable economy, stable growth, stability measures such as import and export, we all implementation in place. At the same time, chongqing in three big power, what was the mountainous foreign capital at the same time hair force, this year to September in chongqing renmin we have 39 billion yuan investment, foreign investment has more than 60 dollars investment, than last year the corresponding period grows more than 40%. 1-9 month we private enterprise legal person increase in the number of more than 20%, is the national first. Overall result of reasonable measures, the economy in general is good in the second quarter, the third quarter is a contrarian up."

Vice premier of the state council, chongqing municipal party committee  beats by dre cheap  secretary zhang dejiang in response to a question stressed that chongqing need is development, "chongqing economy in the national 31 provinces, cities and autonomous regions qualifying of per capita GDP, a 23, urban and rural per capita income level were all lower than the national average level, be based on such consideration we positioning is the scientific development, the development is the first priority, the development purpose is to improve the people's livelihood, improve chongqing people's standard of living.

Data show that the first three quarters of this year in chongqing 13.8% GDP growth, increase occupies the national second, in the western conference. When talking about the future development direction of chongqing, zhang dejiang reiterate: "chongqing reform and opening up policy will not change."

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