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ZDP released 2012 China portable charger market research report

Posted Feb 22 2013 6:47am
Internet consumer research center (ZDP) has released the "2012-2013 China portable charger market research report", mainly carried out in-depth research for mobile power status on the Chinese market in 2012, forming a pattern of concern for the brand, the product price structure, basic understanding of the three aspects of the product parameter structure, which can be used as both a summary of the 2012 mobile power markets, can also be seen as guidance for 2013.

1, the brand concerned about the pattern: the performance is less concerned about the share of the gap between adjacent brand.

Chinese best portable power bank markets Energizer concern share of 14.3% in 2012 among the brands concerned about the top of the charts, Yu Bo came in second place, the concern share and ranked first in the Energizer difference of 1.0 percentage points; electric second, Elsevier grams thinking, PISEN breakdown of the third, fourth, fifth, share concerns in 10.0%; other branded concern share in less than 5.0%, the gap between the smaller.

The price structure: the performance of the lead in the mid-priced.

By price from low to high order: in 2012 China mobile power different price segments of the market, 150 million and concern following the low-price segment share of 17.0%; the 151-300 yuan most attention, concern share of 43.6% ; 301-800 yuan's share of attention, refrain; lowest share of the attention of more than 800 high-price segment, less than one percent.

3 parameter structure

(1) Product type: the performance of ordinary mobile power Concern share of over 70%.

Different types of mobile power products: the ordinary mobile power concern share of 76.6%, significantly higher than the other types of products; concern Laptop Power share was 15.3%; Apple mobile power concerns share of 5.9%. 2.2% cumulative share concerns of other types of products.

(2) Battery capacity: moderate capacity attention highest.

Different battery capacity mobile power products: the lowest proportion of 2000mAh and the concern of the following products, and significantly lower than the number of accounting; 2001-5000mAh products share concerns and had the highest number of accounting, but lower than the share of attention the number of accounting; 5001-10000mAh products of concern about share and the number of proportion or less, at three percent; the 10000mAh concern share of 28.6%, significantly higher than the number of accounting.
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