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You understand the mobile power bank works

Posted Feb 01 2013 8:05am
Mobile power is actually a set of electrical storage, enhance, charge management in a single transportable device. Storage dielectric usually use lithium batteries, because of the fairly smaller volume of lithium batteries, huge capacity, wide market liquidity, reasonably priced, extensively made use of in digital products. Lithium voltage of 2.7-4.2V, the voltage With the decline in electrical energy consumption declined. Voltage of 2.7-4.2V will not be charged straight to other digital items, since digital goods lithium voltage is two.7-4.2V, the voltage between precisely the same prospective can not be charged. power bank out output energy enhance technique have to have a increase lithium voltage of 2.7-4.2V to 5V, to ensure that you could charge to other digital products, such as mobile phones, MP4, Tablet Pc, PSP, and so on.. Of course, the mobile power just isn't a one-time gear, it may be utilized repeatedly numerous times over. So when the mobile power right after power usage, we have to give the portable usb mobile charger charging. The principle and to charge the phone. Connected to 5V USB pc interface or USB charger to charge mobile power. Mobile power ought to also be inside the charge management system. Charge management method automatically adjusts the charge current based on the voltage in the lithium. Procedure: pre-charge, continuous voltage charging, and Float charging, and so forth..

The following describes the following element.
Energy batteries:
Usually employed polymer lithium battery, 18650 lithium battery, AAA nickel-hydrogen batteries.
Polymer battery:
The common voltage of 3.7 V, the shape extra customizable, features a significant capacity, low-cost, extensively made use of, which include: mobile telephone, MP4, portable speakers.

18650 Lithium Battery:
Regular voltage 3.7V, smaller size, huge capacity, typical voltage of 3.7V, primarily applied in notebook computer systems along with other high-end products.

AAA NiMH batteries:
Normal voltage 1.2V. A relatively small capacity. Should really be broad, household appliances, etc. on the players.

Enhance system:
The basic enhance mainstream technologies enhance DC to DC. The domestic technology conversion efficiency is generally low, generally inside the 50-70%. Taiwan 75-80%. The United states might be relatively larger. Buck scheme, the efficiency is fairly higher, however the consistency needs of your batteries, so seldom made use of.

Charging management technique:
The smart IC monitor the entire approach of charging excessive charge and have an adverse effect around the battery life.
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