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Yao Ming: I'm not hill has no intention of return career no big injury but small injuries unceasingly

Posted Feb 18 2013 2:27am
According to Reuters, yao Ming will still be able to look at the basket and Dwight - Howard confrontation, but the former no. 1 pick in the rear view mirror "can only look back in his career a. The eighth Houston rockets all-star in the 2010-11 season left the NBA games, in the last five years of his career, he has been and injuries for celine bags 2012 company. "I didn't come back plan, I'm not grant hill." Yao told Reuters, he mentioned is the Los Angeles clippers forty years old striker, the latter after a series of injuries in the field after the still. "He (hill) too different. No matter how many times through surgery, he can always come back. 32 years old yao Ming in the all-star weekend activities dunk the judges of the contest, this session all-star activities in yao Ming's "home" held in Houston. The NBA draft that year, yao Ming is Houston rockets in the first sequence selected. Yao Ming is the third in the NBA effectiveness of Chinese players, at the end of his career, after he returned to China in Shanghai, and a school degree. If not for the injury and advance the end of her career, yao will be able to gain a foothold in the basketball hall of fame. However, in the decision to leave the NBA, he is not totally not playing. "If you look celine bags replica at my career path, you will find that I have not suffered let career at the end of the big injury. Yao said, "I had a lot of time in an injury. Career, I've done preparation." "Obviously, I still want to play, but I have to choose to give up. You know, it is time to end." However, yao still have a chance to outstanding contributor identity into the hall of fame. He believe that China has many players have the opportunity to enter the NBA. "In China, there are many talented young players." Yao said, "I think, their future have the opportunity to play in the NBA. It all depends on the development of them." YaoMingCeng in 2006 - season averaged 25 points, but now basically has left the basketball game. "Just play HORSE game." Yao mentioned is a kind of no touch basketball game, in more popular in children, only need to shoot. The 62 NBA all-star east-west dual meet in Houston's Toyota center, all Celine Boston Bags star is a feast of entertainment, but also a player is very serious, early came to court the warm-up, who is he? Chicago bulls center QiaoJin - NuoA. At present distance game or nearly an hour, he was the first to come to the stadium and warm up all-star. Of course, in addition to warm up, he will also with some NBA legend, now he is a chat with "the Lord of the rings" bill Russell laughing. This is NuoA first all-star games, he had been suffering from a while back right plantar fasciitis problems, nearly so for the all star. NuoA this season with the bulls played 46 games (armistice 4 field), averaging can give up 11.9 points, 11.2 rebounds and 4.1 assists data. Both the elder brother good, harmony happiness. One-on-one interviews haddon in local time 16 at noon, ask him about the LinShuHao night at a JiQiaoSai prospect, haddon force is said LinShuHao has a lot of chance to win the championship. Finally, LinShuHao preliminary out. This evening, the reporter also asked LinShuHao tomorrow to Celine Boogie Bags haddon impact the all-star game MVP how to look, LinShuHao said full beard deserve MVP.More than a lip ceremony, in fact, haddon has revealed that he and LinShuHao at the start of the season after running-in, now have found a solution to the problem, haring combination into fast lane. A start of the all star is ", the first time in his career all-star haddon said he will do its best to fight the MVP, make every effort to do everything to fight for.
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