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Working my way to total empowering control over feeling the best I can feel

Posted Oct 20 2010 1:08pm

Just back from a lovely trip south for a party to celebrate my son Ben and his wife Katie's marriage last summer I realized that I am closer to feeling the best I can feel than anytime before.

It has been three weeks since I had half of my left thyroid removed: finding was that Hashimoto's disease created a nodule that was interfering with thyroid function. I will be on meds the rest of my life and no guarantees that this autoimmune disease won't create more problems for me in the future but the nice thing is that I was already avoiding some of the substances I should be avoiding...gluten, alcohol and most of the time dairy and caffeine and tried to avoid as much as possible...sugar. So I am committed for real now that I know it isn't just "maybe I will feel better" involves a disease that I have and unless I don't care if more of my thyroid has to be removed, I will watch it more closely than I have since I have been on this elimination road. Some foods and substances are not my friends. PERIOD.

We were staying at my son and daughter in law's and there was candy all over the house...I DID NOT HAVE ANY!!!! This is huge for me...and I can do it. I want to do it. So you will not see gluten free cookies or sweet treats on here any more...just the way it is. I want to do this...and ultimately it will continue to empower me to be the woman I want to be...thinner and able to resist temptation.


PS no more tea (has naturally occurring fluoride)so on to decaf coffee (no sugar or dairy in it)...
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