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With only the value of sulphur

Posted Apr 30 2013 5:33am
I think amazing gadgets do need to improve again, but changes at the same time, I wish I can one rate reachs the particular position, and don't want to in 1.04 after a big modify, but because in later outstanding drop quantity and outstanding deal of sulfur and cause to in the end with Diablo 3 Gold, most of the popular ready with only the value of sulphur, and decrease him the value of adjustment, in so many enhanced story, story views protection safety gloves, wrapp story, story chest position area shield is not some players want to see this, or select up come, is also main need not see directly the sulfur's way of life.

So, I think the story gadgets does have to update, but adjustment at the same time, wish blizzard beauty consultant can story functions to outstanding on one part, to improve, but at the same time to decrease the drop quantity of story, make its become uncommon, can make him become useful, instead of, day 10 a few popular or fit, but there are 5-6 main is to see all don't need to see is directly decomposed, then the remaining 10 offered places are identified after the splitting down of the factors.

Honestly, instead of that, I'd like to, perhaps, one day, I a few periods so a, but offered see the light, I can determine my projects were not in ineffective, so, more can let me have a sensation of achievements.
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