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why is my son allergic to chocolate wat is it that dose this

Posted by becksaboo

he is three years old and never had a solid stool he has bad belly aches asthma and exzma and gets very bad tummy ache he has had blood test s and it came back he was grade 3 in a chocolate rast test wat does this mean they tell me no one chocolate but i just want to know why and more about this can you please help me
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Unless you have been feeding him chocolate every day, I'm assuming he tested positive for other foods too. Once my daughter's allergies were diagnosed and we eliminated all of her food allergens her health improved dramatically! The ecsema went away completely. Often when there are tummy troubles milk and/or gluten are the cause. Did he test positive for either of those? Basically what is happening when your son has an allergic reaction is that his body is recognizing the foods that he is allergic to (more specifically the proteins in these foods) as harmful, so the body attacks the allergen in a  way similar to when it fight off a virus. The symptoms you see such as ecsema, welts, itching, swelling, etc. are not directly caused by the allergen, they are a result of your body trying to fight off the allergen. I hope that helps. If I haven't answered your question or if you have others please let me know.
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