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Why do popular to purchase portable mobile power pack

Posted Jan 07 2013 6:24am
Once upon a time before a business trip or a long journey, to be in the bag ready on twelve spare mobile phone battery for a rainy day, and now we have found more and more cell phone battery began to design in the fuselage of them, the user can not be easily removed, to be replaced unless the battery is bad must be purchased separately. Original rely on a few batteries will be able to turnaround the lives of a few days, now quietly say goodbye to us. Well, this "non-replaceable battery is tricky, and why more and more manufacturers are beginning to try this it? Colorful color choices, and also indicates that the colorful life of the year? XINHUAXIANG mobile power in the color orange, pink, green, white perfect mix of four bright colors, mix and match colors, resulting in a strong visual impact, and more to bring out the orange, blue, green, white four-color bright; compact machine body, 160g weight, simple and generous, but also highlight the exquisite detail; humane design and LED lighting function and power of the remaining capacity display features such as electronic products and mobile power, and will not appear at the same time the embarrassing situation, away from home, very convenient . For Android devices usb power pack now hands Daren greatest wish is estimated that as long as one charge just fine, do not charge more than a day to a really not afford to hurt, you know on hand more than the charging equipment. Do not worry, the problem is left to the mobile power it KELOM Ta random with Mini USB, Portable mobile power pack Micro USB, Nokia DC2.0, Samsung, Apple, Sony Ericsson adapter 6, for a variety of brands of mobile phones. iPhone/iPad/MP3/MP4 and other digital products charge; configure both the 5200 mAh battery capacity, high-capacity single branch batteries can guarantee lasting life cycle charging. The internal microcomputer intelligent circuit control the mobile power supply, to prevent over charge, over discharge, short circuit, away from home unimpeded, sit back and relax. The handheld a colorful personality mobile power, not only to our digital devices is an adequate supply of mobile power pack power, I think it will bring to our daily lives a wireless joy, watching the mood will naturally good. Get rid of the cumbersome charger, easily on the road in the future.
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