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Why Apple wants to launch iPad Mini

Posted Oct 17 2012 9:37am

Beijing time, October 17, United States renowned science and technology eWeek Web site recently published in the literary magazine said that despite the late co-founder Steve Jobs has been against the smaller size iPad tablet, iPad Mini has a significant to Apple, the device or will become a new cash cow for Apple.

Apple today issued invitations to the media, announced that it will hold a Special Conference on October 23. Apple's invitation did not indicate this content, but said that we've got a little more to show you. However, widely seen as Apple iPad Mini will be released at that time. According to rumors, iPad Mini will be powered by 7.85 display, with two versions 8GB and 16GB. There are even rumors said that some versions of the iPad Mini will support 4G LTE network.

Of course, Apple had got success in the tablet computer market, Apple iPad is currently the best-selling products of the Tablet market. Sells for $ 499, but with consumer and business users to just the growing love of computer products, iPad quickly overwhelmed the other similar Tablet products.

Given that Apple achieved these successes, and iPad Mini will bring smaller revenues, some people might wonder why Apple wants to launch new Tablet products. However, after further review can be found, Apple still has plenty of reasons to launch iPad Mini. As long as the correct strategy, iPad Mini will be successful without question.

Here are ten reasons to launch Apple iPad Mini:

1. lower cost

Launch iPad Mini doesn't take too money that is one of the benefits of the cost for Apple. IPad Mini is the smaller version of the iPad, which indicate their production costs are lower than the iPad. Given that Apple has been holding more than $ 100 billion in cash, invest in production equipment for the company just a drop. In short, there is no financial risk to launch the iPad Mini for Apple .

2. Google and Amazon

If it is not in order to compete with Google and Amazon, whether Apple launches the iPad Mini, which is hard to say. After all, Amazon Kindle and Google Nexus 7 Fire overlord of the HD is a low-end Tablet PC market, but Apple has been unable to obtain more revenue in this market.

3. beat other competitors

Though iPad Mini may not be denied Nexus 7 or Kindle Fire, but with the iPad Mini, Apple tablet will be deadly blow other competitors in the market. Barnes Nook and similar devices such as Samsung Galaxy Tab or will disppear soon after Apple rejection by far. When Apple entered the market, apart from Apple, and the market can hold only one or two competitors, while all other products typically are halfway out of the market.

4. Apple realized the need to attract budget-consumer

Apple knows that while the iPad performance, but was unable to really attract the very budget conscious consumers. However, Apple can resolve this issue by launching the iPad Mini. It is learnt that the lowest iPad Mini sells for $ 249, such a price is not bad.

5. holiday shopping season is coming

If you would like to know why Apple choose to publish at this time now: iPad Mini? Look in the calendar was clear. The busy holiday shopping season is at hand. You know, then there will be a lot of people going to the store to purchase tablet, Apple is hoping to involve as many users as possible to buy their products.

6. increasingly difficult to reach analysts ' performance expectations

Apple was under pressure from investors. Every quarter, Wall Street would be for Apple to set the high revenue and profit expectations, and meet these high expectations for Apple, arguing more and more difficult. By launching the iPad Mini, Apple could be a new source of revenue, adding chips to meet high expectations on Wall Street.

7. iPod will dying

Apple's iPod product is in edge of the dying. Once Apple abandons the product, Apple will lose billions of dollars in revenue. With the launch of the iPad Mini, Apple could make up for the losses. In addition, the small size version of the iPad or may be those likely to buy higher-priced iPod Touch alternative to consumer choice. Believe it or not, iPad Mini would erode before new iPad sales and iPod Touch market share.

8. among the attractions for children

Low price small size version of the Tablet owns one of its outstanding characteristics is to attract children. In most cases, parents buying for their children are lower in price the Tablet, in case children or damage their own more expensive flat-panel products. Apple saw a business opportunity and this opportunity may be commercialized. If Apple can attract the younger generation to use their products as soon as possible, then they become long-term customer greatly. What is more, Apple will also launch all kind of Apple accessoires to attract fans, such as cheap iphone 5 cases, cheap ipad cases, cheap ipod cases, iphone power packs and so on.

9. halo effect

Apple continued to sell new mobile product, and understood that these devices can boost the sales of the company's other products. IPad users are more likely to buy iPhone. Users who purchased these products might be more willing to buy a Mac product. Capital strategy called the "halo effect", up to now, the strategy has brought huge profits to Apple. With the launch of the iPad Mini, this effect will continue for several years.

10. the new design test

According to some reports, iPad Mini will adopt a new design concept, and Apple's next-generation iPad likely to adopt this design. If this is true, Apple or might want to launch version of the iPad with its small size. What worked? What user wants the next generation iPad? Know like Apple, launched a product sometimes in order to achieve two main purposes, namely financial interests and provide inspiration for future products.

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