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Why Apple published iPad mini

Posted Oct 30 2012 9:46am

Most people find the launch of Apple iPad mini a signal upgrade for 7 inch Tablet, but TC columnist Mg Siegler does not think it so. In his view, Apple iPad mini is different from Google and Amazon, Apple did not intend to take part in competition.

On the face of it, Apple have been trying to explain to consumers why the Apple Tablet's product is better than other competitors in that Conference, and take this to announce to the world: we have joined the war Tablet, and actively defend the dominance of Apple in the Tablet market. But that is not the case.

We can see from the price, which is higher than the Google Nexus7 and Amazon Kindle Fire above the starting price of 130 dollars. Apple did not intend to take part in the 7 Tablet competition, on the basis of large flat-panel, Apple is just trying to expand their user base Tablet. Apple will not launch a bid price $ 199 Tablet-is certainly not afraid to beat with Google and Amazon. So far, Apple's philosophy is to make the best products, and give a reasonable price with consistent product quality.

As on its earnings conference call, Apple said that the margins of iPad mini are much lower than other major products. In other words, the$ 329 iPad mini is the highest price/performance ever product.

For those consumers who are looking for cheap Tablet, $ 199Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire are good choices. But for Google and Amazon, and this price there is no much to companies profit or even a loss. This "small profits but quick turnover" is able to achieve the ultimate success of the business model to be verified. But it is clear that this is not Apple's business model, $ 199 Tablet did not make much sense for Apple.

The most important thing for Apple is to launch the best products. Many products even have higher price, consumers will still buy it, Apple is still making money. Amazing Apple mode! What is more, Apple also launched the best ipad mini cases to appeal fans to buy iPad mini.

Apple Senior Vice President of worldwide marketing Phil Schiller introduced the thickness and weight of iPad mini, not compared with Android Tablet, instead of a pencil and a pad of paper. Of course, he also referred to the Nexus 7, which although smaller but thicker than iPad mini. In addition, he will also be comparing Android Tablet iPad mini monitor. There is no compare to other specifications.

For Apple, iPad mini is not a 7-inch tablet, the iPad is a new and better products. Thus, Apple is not interested in 7-inch Tablet wars.

9 years ago, when Apple launched the iPad mini, it adopted the same strategy, and effective: first launched a market-leading product, and then it gets smaller and lighter, finally making money.

If Apple launches $ 199 tablet, I believe other tablets are likely to live hardly. Fortunately, Apple disdains to win this way. When Amazon site Home iPad and Kindle Fire giving off offensive HD mini contrast ads, this is a sign of positive competition. In the tablet computer market, Amazon is still a novice, and far behind Apple, so it has a reason to try to secure a place for themselves. And Apple has no need to respond-in prior to launch, Kindle Fire was not even brought up compared with the iPad mini.

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