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Who daily up brush achievements

Posted Apr 24 2013 3:38am

Amazon physical archers, javelin, Master transmission and elemental damage, Necro summon army and a curse, buy guild wars 2 gold the assassin monomer killing and traps, Druid physical elements calling, moderation.


The other hand, D3, all the characteristics of the role in the end is what? Monks and barbarians simply brothers, all career killer way what is the difference? Equipment focus in addition to the attribute needs, what a big difference? Just animation Bale.8 On the mode of the room, with the so-called achievement: D2 is very interesting, will chase the room name, dedicated to playing treasure room, had the task, trumpet; told to a room, each time you open a new when the game will be sweaty palms, fearing the next with less than. The other hand, D3 random room, really is a major failing. Into the game did not know the people in this room to the task, or want to make the treasure, players running around, some people do not know where the device is, the blame and few people can not win, has been dead more jump.Plus on an incomprehensible achievement system, When will the store of achievement points? Achievements equipment? Or achievements Skill Bonus?


No real benefits, Who daily up brush achievements?Above, eight successful point of D2, D3 eight points of failure Diablo 3 Gold, if this team does not have change in game design logic, cheap rs gold this game really live long. No one can help translate to Blizzard? Really, truly appears like D2 as people 10 years and then blood game!

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