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When youngsters SunYang want low-key immune NFL Jerseys: My goal is to focus on the whole Championships

Posted Sep 13 2012 7:32am
The Ninth National University Games swimming competition in Tianjin expand. Participants on behalf of Zhejiang University Olympic champion Sun Yang broke the tournament record score of one minutes and 47 seconds 15 and simply won the men's 200-meter freestyle gold medal. Sun Yang following on from the Olympic Games in the uk initially to participate on the race. His achievements, although its in the Olympic Games upstream 1 minute 44 seconds, 93 is much difference, but Sun Yang said as soon as the game is actually very pleased with the achievements the NFL Jerseys For.
After the Olympics, Sun Yang has become busy to participate in in several activities, has been more than a month no systematic training. Current Universiade, he represented Zhejiang University battle gives participate in Discount Eli Manning Giants Men's Jersey the men's 200 meters, 400 meters, 800-meter freestyle and 4 ?¨¢ 100-meter medley, usual x 100 meters and 4 ?¨¢ 200-meter freestyle, when using six projects, is expected for being played 11 times (800-meter freestyle preliminaries). Sun Young's mother worried leading to a son is not an state, but Sun Yang himself exuded confidence.
Yesterday morning, Sun Yang debut Tianjin Polytechnic University Natatorium, to participate through the 200-meter freestyle preliminaries, and ranked preliminaries adventure into 60 seconds or so 50 seconds 26 results, uncomplicated to entitled to the final night. The past, he led the method to generate a ground breaking inside the water as soon as final 1 minute 47 seconds 15 win En sword the Universiade in Guangzhou in 2007 to bring about the tournament record by one second 39.
Sunlight Yang when the game the achievements very delighted by the NFL Jerseys For: "After all, when the Olympic Games isn't systematic training, swim from the translates to it, think so cool." He was quoted saying, just the Universiade as the training for the upcoming The appearance of the National Swimming Championships to locate the feeling, "I will pinpoint the whole Championships that game opponent stronger."
With all the London Olympics scored 2 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze, Sun Yang became China sports "Reds". This point debut in Tianjin, the most well liked athletes have to go to him. Sun Yang's game plan not long ago at 20:30, 19:00 stadium stands packed. When Sun Yang entered the venue, auditorium burst into applause and cries of Shan Hu tsunami.
However, NFL Jerseys, Sun Yang's high popularity with the Universiade Organizing Committee, excellent media, as well as himself has had plenty of inconvenience including troublesome. Way too much attention, Sun Yang, where will be the reporters and fans "besieged", led to his low-key immune. So, self After he Dijin, the news for the "diva", "engage in special". Its understood of the fact that organizing committee simply because of its eat, live, line, practice often takes a wonderful management to avoid the media and "fans" close. A few days ago following your game - the organizing committee to give only specified six reporters into your mixed zone interview interview Sun Yang Sun Yang "specialization" measures of re-upgrade, many reporters who've covered refused around the door. It is composed by nygiants 09.13.2012
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