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What is the cause of heat induced eye swelling; how do I prevent or treat it? Are there foods to steer clear of that worsen it?

Posted by rmg

i'm so hoping someone can help me.  i have been having horrific right eyelid swelling every time I get overheated for the past two years.  It takes very little activity to bring it on.  It starts with a hot itchy spot on my eyelid that quickly starts to puff up until my eye is swollen shut.  If I touch it or scratch it at any point during the process, it gets worse faster.  The heat and itching usually continues for about 30 minutes and then stops, but the eye remains swollen for at least a day - sometimes up to two days.  In really horrific cases, my left eye will swell as well...  I've seen like 5 doctors - everyone seems baffled.  I have heard the terms "heat uticaria" and "angioedema"... but don't know how to pinpoint the cause.  i was also just reading about how ACE inhibitors can bring this on - and although I am not now, nor have I ever been on any medications, i read that possibly there are foods that act as ACE inhibitors....  how can i get to the root of this problem - and really, just stop the swelling.  i've been unable to work out or enjoy a summer day for two years.  Even in the mildest times, i can't go out and sweep my porch without an eyeswell - or even vacuum my house for that matter.  I need to get physically active again, but it is hard to do when you know you'll be unable to see for the next two days because your eyes will be swollen shut.  There is absolutely no pain or inflammation in my eye itself... it is all in the eyelid and soft tissue.  i've had an mri and a ct scan, thryoid tests, etc... and still no answers.  i was taking an over the counter allergy medicine, which seems to inhibit it a little at times - but not consistently or ever totally.  i'm at my wits end.  long long ago, i would get cold rashes (i guess cold uticaria) on my legs - if i got too cold i would just get little hives all over my legs - so i've been told this is sort of the sister reaction to that...???  ugh.  it's so frustrating. i would appreciate ANY help you could give me!
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I'm sorry, I have no answer but I have exactly the same problem.  Mine starts in the inner corner then swells and swells.  I have never found any one else with the same problem.  I feel a little relived that its not just me! Its been going on for about one and half year and like you no amount of tests or doctor visits or research seams to shed any light on it.  Have you found any corse or solution?

I have the exact same problem as well. It's a nightmare. For me too it starts with an itch in the corners then swells massively. It seems Claritin works sometimes, a little, but not regularly. I've eliminated many things from my diet, testing to see if it's a food allergy. So far, nothing has worked. I've had this problem for almost two years now (it's 7/7/12 today). 

I can't go out to the beach, do manual labor, go walking or sightseeing. No more dancing, etc..

If you've found a solution, feel free to contact me! Maybe we could all pool our resources? I can be reached at



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