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what is hives and welps on my hands and swollen lymphnodes in my neck caused from?

Posted by mojo5515

I have hives and welps on my hands that come and go. When they show up my hands get severly itchy. They itch to the point where i wish i could cut them off. It isn't a rash. The hives and welps appear on my chin and jaw area on my face. It comes and goes and has been doing this for about six weeks. I have been to the doctor and all he did was give me a shot of coratizone. I also have about ten to twelve swollen lymphnodes on the back of my neck and head. My family has a history of arthritis and my mother said that it could be some type of arthritis. I have tried everything in the world to help but nothing works. Please if you could help me out it would be greatly appreciated.
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Allergic reaction to something
How is it that you grow young dogs on your hands?  THAT is the definition of whelps.  ("Welps" spelled as you did is not a word.)
What you are describing is a form of uticaria, also known as WELTS.  Welts are an allergic reaction to something.  This can be something you've ingested or something you've come into contact with (skin).  You need to figure out what you are reacting to & avoid it.
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