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What Did You Put in Your Mouth?

Posted Jan 14 2009 8:45pm
Sometimes your normally responsible peanut allergy kid shocks you. I have been very proud of Tyler in the last several months. He will be 4 in January but really seems to have a grasp on his allergy. He asks before he eats things and is worried about a reaction as much as I am some days.

That is why I was shocked on Tuesday night when he grabbed something off the counter while I was cooking dinner and popped it in his mouth. When I got his mouth open, I saw one of the sunflower seeds I had been munching on a few minutes before.

As I wrote nearly a month ago, I bought some sunflower seeds and got nervous before I gave them to Tyler. A quick call to his allergist told me I should hold off on introducing these to him. One might wonder why they are even in the house. Lately blood sugar issues have been plaguing me and resulted in migraines. I'm not diabetic but I seem to very sensitive to blood sugar issues. In the past when I had this issue, I ate cheese or nuts. Nuts, obviously are a "no go" now. Then, in January, I discovered my cholesterol is high. (It runs in the family.) This limits my cheese consumption. So, I tried to find a quick protein boost for snacks when I feel my blood sugar dipping. That is why I decided on sunflower seeds.

Anyway, Tyler really surprised me when he popped one that I must have dropped into his mouth. I got as much as I could out of his mouth and he got a serious lecture from his dad. I was so upset that I felt weak in the knees. There is nothing worse than looking at your child and expecting a reaction at any moment.

Nothing happened.

What a relief, but I know enough about food allergies to know this does not mean he is not allergic. Sometimes a reaction happens on the second or third exposure.

My husband, rightly so, said we need to get them out of the house. It not only poses a danger to Tyler (which is the real issue), my husband was also concerned about my own anxiety-filled reaction.

So, for now, we will ban one more thing from our house until Tyler's next allergist appointment.
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