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What could this rash and swollen eyes mean?

Posted by tina71179

My 12 year old son woke up 3 days ago with a red rash above his eye brow. That night his right eye began to swell. In the morning it was swollen shut. He has a rash on his face pretty much everywhere (checks-undereye-eyelid-behindeyes-on ears). I took him to the doctors and they gave him prednisone and said it was probably allergies. Now the doctor got another doctor to look at it and they seemed to be shocked at what his face looks like. they said this is the worse case they have seen. We are on the 2nd day of prednisone and it looks worse not better. He looks like the elephant man. He says he feels fine--no fever..but I'm extremely
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If you haven't already, I would give hime some Benadryl too. If the Prednisone hasn't made any difference by the third day take him back to the doctor...maybe a different doctor. As a matter of fact, if they believe it to be allergies then he should see an allergist as soon as possible.

    My 14 mths daughter has the same problem .last week she was hospitilized for the second time in 6 mths to make further tests but still we do not have any results .

In 6 mths she wooke up with this problem 4 times but before she use to have one eye swollen and red .This time was terrible cause she had both her eyes shut. The Dr always gave her agumentin iv  and fusitalmic and she will be ok by the 4th day .This time they gave her agumentin iv and zyrtec for any allergies and she was ok by the 4th day. They still do not know what it is . This is what worries me alot

I think I have a similar thing.  My eyes burned, and I rubbed them alot.

I woke up with swollen eyelids.  That was uncomfortable.  The next day, it began to rash on my left side of my face.  It does not seem to be getting better.  And, I am highly allergic to poison ivy - so my body gets bad rashes from that.   I have no idea what caused it, even spectulating viral yeast from my partners sexual organs.  Even an allergic reaction to Milk and eggs, which have been extremely abundant in my diet in the last week. 

I have no clue?

It could be the milk and/or eggs. It could also be environmental allergies, something blooming that wasn't before, or dust, or mold. You should see a doctor and probably have allergy testing done. There are medicines for swollen eyes and creams for rashes, but finding out the cause and eliminiating it is, in my opinion, a much better way to go.
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