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What can replace soy milk in coffee for someone with cholesterol issues

Posted by kimjacobs

I generally take my coffee light, so when lattes came about, I was in heaven. As I got older and put on weight, my cholesterol increased and to around 300. Because I like strong coffee, low fat and skim milk turned me off, so I started using soy milk. Going through menopause at the time, I figured it would add protein and reduce cholesterol at the same time. 

What I've noticed when I have my coffee is almost instant bloating, cramping, gas when I start drinking it. After researching a little online, it looks like I may have an intolerance to soy which seems to be the cause of my discomfort.

Now, without soy for my coffee, what could be a replacement for it? Rice milk, almond milk? Not sure since I like to keep inflammation down as much as possible by avoiding diary, processed foods, and also keep my cholesterol in check.


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