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What buttons you should button on a double breasted suit

Posted Nov 23 2012 7:59am
 Double Breasted Suit Basics The double breasted suit offers the epitome of classic formal business tailoring for both men and women. Unlike the single-breasted suit, with its lone front row of fasteners, the double breasted suit sports an overlapping jacket. This creates a polished and professional appearance for the office or evening. A man's double breasted suit is worn with straight-legged trousers, often with cuffed hems.
   A double breasted suit never includes a vest, waistcoat or cummerbund. Rarely does a bow tie accessorize a double breasted suit, although a traditional necktie is ideal. For women, a double breasted suit will feature a jacket, plus either a straight skirt, traditional trousers or both.  Who can wear a double breasted suit? Basically, any man or woman can wear a double breasted suit, although this style is optimum for those of sturdier build. The double breasted suit jacket neatly tucks and covers a more ample abdomen far better than a single set of bulging buttons running down the front of a basic suit coat. Timeless double breasted styles may now be found in tailored jackets of all suitings, from serge to linen and wool. Fabric patterns may include solids, pinstripes, plaids and more. Generally, double breasted suits are not constructed of heavy or bulky woolen textiles, such as nubby tweeds or jacquards.  Basically, all quality double breasted suits have lined jackets. In addition, double breasted fashions are offered in softer materials, such as angora, cashmere, cotton and other knits.  How should a double breasted suit be styled? Proper styling is critical for a double breasted suit. Jackets may contain two pairs of buttons or more, depending upon the lapels and neckline of the double breasted tailoring. The button standard must be proportional to a person's individual form. For women, in particular, the positions of the buttons are essential. The jacket must close neatly without bulging at the breast line. The double breasted suit must be tailored precisely to fit the wearer, either male or female. An ill-fitting double breasted suit appears baggy and sloppy, even more than a single-breasted one.  How must a double breasted suit be buttoned? The jacket of a double breasted suit is buttoned first underneath, as the top layer is passed over the under layer of the front. Next, the top buttons are buttoned - every one of them. A double-breasted suit jacket is not to be worn hanging open. This slovenly tactic completely obliterates the neat tailoring of the double breasted suit.

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