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what are the side effects of antivenom ?

Posted by Nadeen Agou Ali Othman

i just wanted to know what are the side effects of antivenom , because i chose it as a treatment for a snake bite ... so please if you can give me some information ... i will appreciate it ..

thank you so much ,


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Snake bite anti venin is usually given only if the risk of the antivenin is less than the risk of not treating the snake bite! It can be dramatic and lifesaving to use in severe cases, and can prevent very unpleasant side effects of the snake bite in milder cases. 

Side effects of anti venin are either allergic responses (especially if you have previously received the anti-venin) or are dose related. If you received a small or moderate dose, there are rare side effects. Severe envenomation with profound life-threatening effects may require large amounts of anti venin to keep you alive, which can cause a syndrome of rash, arthritis, and temporary kidney problems (glomerulonephritis) after a period of days to weeks. Fortunately, those effects are known and expected, and usually clear up with a bit of time.


thank you so much ..Dr.Geoff 

i appreciate it ...

 Nadeen Ali 

wat dr geoff said

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