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What Apple iPhone Brings Us

Posted Jul 03 2012 9:42am

Five years ago, the executives were obsessed with their BlackBerry own hands, believed that this is the best Mobile Office solution. At that time, his greatest desire is to make a connection of the mobile phone, iPod media player and Internet into a smart mobile device, ultimately launched shocked iPhone the industry. IPhone attracted industry and industry change, and had a profound impact on the technology industry as a whole.

In the past five years, iPhone dramatically changed consumers and enterprise users to use a smart phone experience. IPhone also forced the entire mobile phone industry to rethink what needs to be used in high quality Smartphone. Here is iPhone mobile phone brings to users and the mobile industry's 10 largest contribution in the past five years.

A new touch-screen world

Before the advent of the iPhone, configuration of touch screen devices is very small. However, these touch screen response speed and the overall quality of the Apple iPhone is missing. Ever since the iPhone has appeared, touch screen continues to improve

Enterprise idea has changed

After the iPhone launched, over a period of time, IT decision makers thought they never introduced to the Office of Apple products. However, since many of the features are applicable to enterprise, iPhone helps to change this situation. Now, the IT staff is introduced to the iPhone and Apple products such as Mac Office.

Pay an attention to design

Look at the device before the iPhone launch five years ago, which makes it easy for people who lose interest. Apple real with a market focus line designs, and in the process helped improve the look and feel of the mobile device.

Not just smart phones

Before the iPhone launch, many people think that the Smartphone is not suitable for their own. If these people don't often write e-mail or browse the Internet, smart phones have any meaning? However, ever since the iPhone has launched, Smartphone application have an rapid growth. What is more, iphone accessories also have a big growth, such as cute iphone cases, cool iphone cases, bling iphone cases, stylish iphone cases and so on.

Every family has more than one device

Five years ago, mobile phones are a family of luxury. Usually everyone in the family use a cell phone. However, due to the design of the iPhone made it a more personalized products, now a family are using multiple smart phones. This greatly helped Apple and carriers.

Developers of cottage industries

As Apple launches app store in 2008, Apple created a scale up to millions of dollars of industry focused on developing applications to mobile devices. Now, developers from around the world in its own mobile application created an entirely new business, many developers are working from home.

Demise of the personal media devices

What's interesting, when Apple launched the iPhone, which also undermined its own business. Before the iPhone launched, Apple's iPod music player is the most popular mobile devices. However, as the iPhone integrates music features, iPod no longer necessary equipment, this personal media device there is dying.

Promoting the birth of Tablet

Good thing about the iPhone is that it has prompted many companies to own things away from touch-screen devices considered smartphones. For example, after enjoying great success of smart phones to Apple iPad ushered in the era of tablet computers. If there is no iPhone, tablets not more popular and popular.

Ideas of new applications of old communication

Communication technology of Apple iPhone, phone, video, and text is not a breakthrough technology. However, the iPhone changed the way the use of these communication technologies. FaceTime is difficult to catch up it.

Entertainment consumption changes

Before the iPhone launched, there are many devices allow people to play games, listen to music or watch video phone, but the quality of these features are bad. Now, more and more people on the iPhone and other mobile devices to play games, watch videos and listen to music. This is a dramatic change that cannot be ignored in the market.

Whether you like Apple, iPhone really changed the mobile industry. In a short period of time the iPhone5 years, Apple has killed many strong opponents, successfully from the computer manufacturer into a mobile phone manufacturer. Apple has already become adopt. In August last year, when Apple's market capitalisation has gone beyond Mobil Oil as the world's largest company by market capitalisation, and in April this year, when analysts ventured three years after Apple's market capitalisation of $ 1 trillion.

IPhone has become the most important Apple product, its revenues during the same period can exceed Microsoft's entire revenue. Recently, Mashable website publishing Statista company and produced a pair of information charts, five years from the data displayed on this incredible journey.

5 years ago on June 29, 2007, Apple in the United States released the first generation iPhone. Since then, iPhone after upgrading five times, its success is unprecedented.

End of March 2012, Apple sold iPhone 218 million.

In just five years, the iPhone dramatically change Apple's revenue. As of last quarter, Apple iPhone revenue total revenue of 58%.

IPhone can bring in revenue for the same period exceeded the United States total income of some large companies. From the first quarter of 2012, iPhone as well as the related services and accessories revenue was US $ 22.69 billion. Microsoft's total revenue was $ 17.41 billion, coke is $ 11.14 billion, Disney was $ 9.63 billion.

From June 2007, the iPhone for Apple was brought 140 billion dollars in revenue. Taking into account the inflation factor, that's more than 12 years before Apple released iPhone's entire revenue.

IPhone has made Apple as the world's top company in market capitalisation. In June 2007, Apple's market capitalization is $ 106 billion by June 2012, Apple's market cap of $ 536 billion.

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