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What am I allergic to?

Posted by Veronica

I became severely allergic on Sunday and broke out in hives. I was exposed to seafood as well as a dog with long fur. I took benadryl and the hives went away, but now it is Tuesday and the hives came back. Does this mean that I am allergic to the dog? Or is the seafood allergy still in my system?
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Hi allergic diner, thank you so much for your answer! I do believe you're correct about the food allergy, because I've been hanging out with my dog and no hives! I still have not determined the cause of the allergy, it may have been a one time thing, I hope. :-) I AM doing much better.
I am thinking the seafood. If you have no more out breaks with your dog you can narrow it done to the seafood. If your not having trouble breathing or have difficulty swallowing and the rash is getting better you can save time and money and avoid the DR. You could avoid shellfish and seafood. Now that you have been exposed to an allergen it will take smaller amts to produce a bigger allergic reaction. If you ever have to have IV contrast or dye I would let them know you possibly have an allergic reaction to iodine. benadryl is the right thing to do
Certain kinds of shell fish cause me to have an allergic reaction. It appears certain crab meat will do this perhaps due to the iodine. But not all crabmeat does this to me. It only occurred twice and I've had crabmeat about a dozen times.
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