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Weird sound when i breath in sounds like a rumble\Rasping sound.

Posted by Shiconia

.. What can this be i'm not in any fever  just cont.coughing.For about a week now. sometimes its hard to sleep at night. Its kinda of dry cough sometimes yuck comes up but not much..ANy idea what can this be. No sore throat no chest pains no shortness of breath..just cough cough cough
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Do you smoke? If you do you may want to cut down on your smokes. Otherwise I don't smoke but ever since I was a little girl my sister and I both have had a horrible nagging continuous cough that come around for a few months each year, usually around the same time of year but the last few years it's been sporadic and less predictable! Now I know this tastes horrible and is soooo gross, but my mom has been making it for my sister and I since we were little and it helps A LOT!!!!, but all you do is take a half  to 3/4 cup of hot/warm water and add apple cider vinegar, honey and lemon, use a few tablespoons vinegar, lots of lemon and honey.  Make it kind of like you would a tea, and make a full glass and just drink it as fast as possible, while it's still hot! Good luck and I hope this helps! 
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