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WARNING: This product contains ingredients made with GMO. May cause side-effects.

Posted Oct 27 2012 12:00am
I have never been comfortable with how hard milk is pushed in our (U.S.) society. Media and advertising is constantly reminding us of the importance of getting our glass of milk each day to "have strong bones."When you step back and think about it... what our cows are fed today is despicable if you ask me. The growth hormone injections is just the icing on the cake. I'm about 99% sure the feed they are fed is genetically modified--for more information on GM foods please see below. For these disheartening and sad conditions the cows are now raised on, (no "natural" cow is as fat and plump as farmers raise them these days. It's not natural, and I don't want that in my body) is the very reason why I stopped eating meat in January 2012. I actually naturally stopped eating meat in the dining halls at my university. I was turned off by it. I guess my body was more in-tune than I thought. Are you listening carefully to your body?

Now check this out:
Remember, there are always multiple sides to the same story. Nothing in this world is free of manipulation by multiple factors in their environment. The simple story is easier to accept, but the truth is always complicated. Just keep this in mind--for anything you are ever trying to get to the bottom of. 

Food for thought.

Thank you!
Andrea Garza
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