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Warmth bookstore, tonight I don't put up the shutters

Posted Oct 18 2012 6:16am

Not long ago, Beijing culture and a landmark of FengRuSong bookstore announced out of business, interrupt it "poetically" dream. And at the same time, as the Taiwan cultural landmark Cheap Beats By Dre sincere product Bookstore (Eslite Bookstore) is started formally to the mainland, its first store has set up a file in the suzhou based. What also? In the entity of the bookstore at risk, we might as well to see, sincere product is how to make the book became a part of life, making reading people's a kind of habit, make its become Taiwan's cultural symbol.

Dedication and spirit related business

The architects of sincere product WuQingYou was born in tainan county general township of a poor fishing village, a poor. He himself from Taipei table after graduation, by from the most basic salesman to start, finally the Taiwan honesty built the boss of the company. The company monopoly hotel kitchen equipment, have already occupied Taiwan large tourist hotel 80% of eat hutch equipment market. WuQingYou 31 years old when he already has the sincerity to build all of the shares.

In many people's eyes, he is a successful person, have their own company, and profit does not poor; A higher social status, respected; In addition there is a happy family... However WuQingYou heart but surges up endless vanity. Is this is their pursuit of everything?

"Then I test the inside of the life three passbook, is a bank deposit book, is a healthy passbook, is a soul passbook. I myself is not a very ambitious, also is not luxury life, material desires in fact is not high, the health passbook I feel young and strong, it seems that there is no problem, to oneself is also very satisfied". But mind passbook? - WuQingYou often feel "heart is gap, the heart will be upset, or rather the mind drift".

In 1989, WuQingYou 39 years old. In his Cheap Beats By Dre own words, that it is his "mid-life crisis" moment. "I will make a life, to put life into your heart with related, not necessarily with economic related industry". He want to open a romantic bookstore, then, in that year a 3 month, sincere product bookstore was born.

Sincere product a derived from the old Greek es - lite. Honesty is a sincere heart, a persistent concern; Product, is a professional accomplishment, a rigorous selection. WuQingYou said, sincere product business idea is "sharing life, nutrition all".

He hope that sincere product of existence, to improve humanistic spirit positive contribution to the force.

The bookstore is reading room

At the beginning of its establishment, decoration elegant sincere product bookstore is provide to the reader a high quality book-selling environment. The bookstore is the orientation of sales architecture, art books give priority to. In 1991 to expand business, set up the second floor stores, open

Initial comprehensive book area, space and the combination of art gallery. Due to the bookstore outstanding style, let people's eye be one of light, add media scramble to report, sincere product will soon have a wide range of visibility.

A good bookshop "respect walked into the bookstore Cheap Beats By Dre every person". Clean, comfortable woodiness floor, anywhere the chair, any one to honesty product readers can embrace a favorite books, sit down and comfortable reading, "look at all day book, there won't be a catch you" -- this is the charm of sincere product. Sincere product before, Taiwan's bookstore has remained at the stage of selling books; After tasting, sincere, the bookstore is just not just selling books, also became a reading room, even is a museum.

A has been to Taiwan's net friend evaluation way, the Taiwanese create his own brand of the bookstore, a general impression with the traditional bookstore is very different, like a has the flavor of library book city in Europe. In the bookstore with private room drifting thick coffee, and a scholar in the air with wonderful, send out an attractive breath. Space bright, open, symmetry and have layers, coherent and interval, decorate color is composed, elegant, warm, create a full of humanistic artistic temperament atmosphere, let everyone into a sincere product bookstore, he unconsciously quietly, slow down.

The bookstore in addition to business outside, still often invite culture creativity boundary and academics to participate in lectures, exhibitions, discussion, publishing, etc various cultural activities. According to WuQingYou introduction, every year in Taiwan, sincere product about to do nearly 3000 session of the music, drama, dance, literature, architecture, photography, and other related activities.

Sincere product bookstore has cheap beats the inherent pattern from the entity bookstore in tripping out, with WuQingYou words, "I am not in opening a bookstore, but in the promotion of reading". In addition, also promote natural into habit way of reading, the promotion of our creative, promote the concept of soul. In his practice step by step with his sincere product will be "a reading museum" ambition.

Business model: store and the bookstore

In order to adhere to the cultural bookstore ideal, sincere product compensate for 16 years. That is the most sincere product low financial crisis period, at the same time WuQingYou also experience the pain of torture, and death pulling force war.

Even so, sincere product scale is bigger and bigger, the influence is also more and more big. Moreover, even in the first 16 years are junk condition, WuQingYou still advocate venture monopoly art and architecture books aim, and planning out is different from the colleague's business model (such as the first open 24 hours a day, combined with market sales mode, etc.). Of course, in the sincere product the most difficult time, WuQingYou also won the support of shareholders and friends, and they were into the endowment $2.5 billion nt, and simultaneously enterprise reorganization.

Sincere product bookstore business model is "store and the bookstore", is actually a model with department stores for bookstore "blood", low, long-term rented large building, with sincere product culture brand effect, attract other shops in. In addition, still can do cultural performance, creative merchandise sales, clothing sales, and even food and beverage, etc., sincere product will this model called compound business model. WuQingYou think honesty product has its own business chain, such as their own logistics, workshop, e-commerce sites, wine cellar and dining-room, sincere product gallery, of course, the most important is the bookstore.

The WuQingYou insist on, eventually making sincere product industry profits, to 2004, sincere product group light is surplus is nearly $100 million nt, turnover is nt $9 billion yuan. Sincere product bookstore become Taiwan's most famous one of the large-scale chain bookstore, currently has 53 stores, two children's museum, two stationery hall and five music hall, and begin to march

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