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Want Halloween Costumes Without Spending Money? Learn How - Nike Air Max 2 CB 94

Posted Jul 10 2012 8:02am

) from one language to another Penny Hardaway 2 Shoes.Another kind is the Commercial translation that is about translating documents used for corporate purposes such as tender documents, accounting records, commercial correspondences, reports and similar documents.

Another sub-field of translation are Computer translations (that differ from the Computer Aided Translation which is a tool) Nike Zoom Hyperfuse. These include translations of any documents related to computers such as software, manuals, help files, etc.

Similar to this field is Web translation, such as website translation, XHTML files and so on Air Trainer Max 2 94. Another field within the translation business is Economic translation which is similar to business translation but it is a specific term used to qualify the translation of documents related to the field of economics.

These kinds of texts are usually more academic Nike Air Max Fly By. Financial translation refers to the translation of financial texts such as banking, annual reports, asset management, stocks, bonds, and similar topics, and requires highly specialized translation experts.

General translation can be considered to be the easiest field because general texts do not require specific or technical terminology knowledge to understand them because the language used is not high leveled.Legal translation is considered to be one of the most difficult fields because it deals with legal documents such as contracts, statutes, treaties, patents, litigation documents etc. This kind of translation requires a professional language translator who fully knows and understands both the law and the culture of the languages he is translating. Literary translation deals with literature texts such as poems, novels, theater plays, and so forth.
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