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Used putzmeister concrete mixer with pump work principle

Posted Mar 18 2013 1:22am

Used putzmeister concrete mixer with pump work principle

(1)Three-phase power to stabilize between 380V ± 5%, wiring fastening.
(2)Electrical connection you want to check the main pump motor steering motor can not

be reversed (the tail from the motor to the direction of the main oil pump
the clockwise) general control cabinet energized, phase sequence protection red and

immortal is reversed. Phase
Sequence protection red and a second later off, it is not reversed.
(3)Before open the machine checking oil tank level, the pipeline leaks. Note Grease

activities point for oil
(As the case is generally twice to each class note)
(4)"enhance the decline," stirring the material "," water supply "," vibration

"switch with the corresponding action is normal.
(5)The pump is started and should be continuous motor start button and immediately

press the "motor stop" button and stop thirty-four
Times, to take advantage of the motor inertia starter. (Abnormal sound should

identify the reasons for processing and then start)
(6)Arrange pipe
(7)The pump is started after the buck started to wait for the Y-â–³ start the

conversion to start pumping work, did not drop
The pressure to start the motor to start fifteen seconds to start the pumping work.
(8)The work always pay attention to the pressure of the tables.

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