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upper abdominal pain, then irritable bowel syndrome and rash

Posted by greenwom

occasionally i'd have pain when i swallowed something not chewed properly, as though whatever it was was scraping my esophagus down near my stomach.  then a piece of pear actually got stuck and caused a lot of pain till i made myself throw up to get rid of it.  now, the last 3 weeks i've developed constant bloating, to the point where i can't eat much or take a deep breath, day and night.  at first, it hurt to lie on my left side early in the night.  and at the same time, i got a very itchy rash all over my abdomen, back of my neck, and head.  i've been to see 3 doctors, who haven't been able to tell me anything, except that it might be an allergy.  i'm going nuts.
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