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Unique And Cheap iPhone 5 Cases With Free Shipping

Posted Mar 22 2013 7:35am

Apple iPhone is a very good product, but have you ever encounter such a situation, you're on the go, suddenly you have a very important call or email you need to use the phone, but this time your disappointing iPhone happens to have no electricity, iPhone user state must have been crazy at this time.

Now an iPhone 5 case appears, which makes you calm in such situations, because the phone cover has a rocker Peter Clarke, no electricity, you will only need to shake a shake, then mobile phones will be able to continue using the. This protective shell built a 400 mAh battery, through a shake the handle, power generation, in order to charge the iPhone 5 for you.

But at the moment this is only an idea, researchers have designed a Web page, if you can raise up to $ 350,000, then this product will be put into production. The first products will sell $ 99. At present, the product has raised US $ 2,510, while some far from objective, but such ideas did make our eyes light up, but did not know how long crank needs to let dead iPhone restart.

There are many kinds of mobile phone cover for iPhone 5, the perfume case also was heard for the first time. France KFA II i-PERFUME CASE a genuine precious perfume scented borders, passing the French romantic style. At present, the dealer "love fashion digital", quotes of $32, suitable for use in crowd favorite flavor.

The KFA II i-PERFUME is designed for the iPhone 5 cover, which is divided into purple four colors of black, red and transparent, we can according to their own preferences. Its uses material, which is a material of plant extracts, non-toxic, natural degradation. At the same time with high toughness and high transparency characteristics, it is often used to make aircraft windshields, to withstand high pressure, collision avoidance and surface transparent. Do you like these cheap cute iPhone 5 cases?

In fragrance formulations and colors are added to the raw materials, provision of the Department, not spray perfume in the late and paint stain, smell can be kept for 2 years or more, will never fade. Products is the perfect fit iPhone 5, elasticity is moderate, because material is both flexible and rigid, so on the premise of ensuring easy and close to the body, without leaving any gaps and absence, brings the perfect feel.

After Apple the new products put 30pin into Lightning interface, due to opportunity markets are huge, and a TI chip is a Lightning Rod for various vendors cannot die primary challenge schools, many third party manufacture websites to obtain patents in this area. Originated in mainland China, "iPhone5mod" is then they have cracked Lightning interface, and introduced the style of interface and wire, as well as many innovative products, like telescopic transmission lines, electricity transmission lines, all kinds of Dock products. Besides, if you buy them in iCase-Zone, you can enjoy cheap iPhone cases free shipping.

EX Hybrid Controller, this new product is a protective case, but it is not simple as Bluetooth 3 keyboards to use with the game at hand. Structure mainly composed of three parts, first to cover as the bottom of the Pan, then use two aluminum magnetic total thickness of 2 mm, keyboards and game controllers use thin aluminum material, and can be waterproof and dustproof. Part of the battery, 1 hour of charge time will be available to support continuous duration of 40 hours, retain 160 hours of standby.

This paragraph protection shell of design concept can said mature, first see in iPhone 5 needed protection of characteristics, to development protection shell for based concept, again to mix past blue bud keyboard and game hand to too heavy does not portable of shortcomings to magnetic be improved, and see in iPhone 5 originally on design thin, even again plus two tablets thickness 2 mm of aluminum tablets, also can tenure plateau first texture. The iPhone 5 exclusive protective case is priced at $ 49.9, there were black and white two colors are available.

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