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Try the combination of knee high skirts with half boots

Posted Oct 22 2012 8:58am
1: Rules for girls with short legs. With its feature of ankle height, this type of boots can create a convenient and dexterous overall sense.Avoid putting your trouser legs into boots because you will get unevenly boot surface that will lower your charms.Most importantly, choose suitable stockings or underpants to match your boots in terms of different color. As for the color, the shallow and deep mixed type is better than monochrome.Be careful about the situation below. be aware of the boot caused disease ( 1 )the boots are too small! Some girls tend to buy a smaller size so as to make their feet slimmer. However it can cause many problems. When in winter, you need to put on thicker socks in your uggs on sale, your feet get injuried.If you continue to wear the tight boots for long time, you will deserve bad blood circulation, blister, and cocoon and so on.Alert the following situation.Wearing the smaller sized boots nakedly cannot be a good idea for it can cause damage to skin in calves and ankles, swollen to ankle bone, and even cross-infection to feet. ( 2 )tight bootleg It is not sensible of you to choose the tightly closed high legged boots just for aesthetic purpose because it will bring about the potential danger of destroying the blood circulation in the leg and feet. Due to the bad effect on the backflow of the end vein blood, too tight bootlegs are not recommended if you don't want the bother of pain and swelling in the leg, and even Achilles tendon illness, tenosynovitis, bursitis and other diseases.Do not be misled by the saying ??The tighter the boots, the warmer you are??. Actually, the tight bootleg does harm to the blood circulation of the end vein and you feel cold in the lower extremitiesIt is easier to get tinea if you wear high boots for after a certain time, they can be a breeding ground for the anaerobes and fungi. Do not wear too high boots for health??s being for you will lean forward and put all the weight on the front sole of feet and toes. If that is the case, the bio-mechanical balance of the human body posture and movement will be badly destroyed and it can result in overweight load of muscles and ligament in toe bones, legs, waist and other parts.It always happens that if you stand or walk for a while on quite high heels, you will feel fatigue and pain in lower extremity. As time goes, you are vulnerable to chronic metatarsalyia, leg pain, lumbago and other symptoms. If the heel too small, too narrow easily lead to ankle sprains, toe phenomenon, such as hallux If the shoe heel is meticulous, the shoes point to be excessively small and narrow, extremely easy to initiate the ankle area to sprain, phenomena and so on toe eversionToo sharp heels and narrow toes can cause many diseases including ankle sprain and toe eversion easily. ( 3 )foot neck wrap boots Foot neck boots is the fashion trend of this season.ugg mini bootsDue to its special design, the high upper ugg boots on sale are rather eye catching.You won't lose any eyesight if you transform the high heels into slopes. In addition to its modish style, the personalized design may yield more slender visual results.It is rather difficult for short boots to envelop flaws in the leg, so you need dark or gray stockings or underpants to gain a better effect. The movement and leisure style make up most of the medium length boots.Besides, try the combination of knee high skirts with half boots. relaxed in the boot to wear with leggings knitting Puts on when the boots mouth loose boots must match puts on the knitting tight-fitting pants It is advisable to collocate medium length boots of relaxed mouth with tight knitted underpants. ( 4 )long boot do not have knee ugg nightfall boots Department than with stockings, it is better to fight with knitted material will be even more stylish effect The length overflowed knee's place boots to compare matches the stockings, was inferior that was joined to the needle fabric to hit the underpants effect to be able to be more fashionable If you are not satisfied with your leg curve, you are strongly recommended to this type because the long boots can improve the shape well and make you appear tall and straight whether they are flat bottomed or high heeled. boots to play with translucent, or with short skirts, shorts, this ingenious mix will look very good The boots must be joined to translucent knit the underpants, or matches the tutu, the short, such ingenious matching can be very attractive Long ugg boots sale are suitable for cold season together with sweater to show your grace and handsomeness.
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