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True Religion Outlet and godwei

Posted Mar 07 2012 2:46am
True Religion Outlet and dogma are not true religion. Religion is of the heart. The external profession of faith does not matter. Your allegiance to any religion or belief system is of no importance. You can be a "good" Christian, Muslim or Hindu, yet suffer greatly. The way you think and feel in your heart is what really counts.

How can you apply this to your life?

If for instance you profess to be religious, but in the next moment fear that something horrible might happen to you - then what is your religion? Fear! What do you really believe in? Misfortune and accident!

What religious affiliation you have, or what you say you believe is irrelevant. Your deep-seated belief is what counts. Don't change your religious affiliation, change your heart!

What is the most beautiful religion?

Believe that God is guiding you. Believe in the goodness of all people and life. Believe that only the best can happen to you. If you feel these things in your heart then you have a beautiful region.

Then it will not matter what your external affiliation is, because you realize that the only thing that counts is what happens inside of you.

Your religion is the way you deeply feel in your heart
Your religion is the way you live your life.

What are you doing with your life?

Hi, my name is Mathias Fiedler. I'm a public speaker based in London, UK. I offer practical, down-to-earth ideas to enrich, improve and transform your life. For a life with more power, purpose, and passion! My message? Life is lived from the Inside-Out!
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