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Travel in Summer Palace in Beijing

Posted Sep 28 2013 3:13am




Have you been to China? Do you like Chinese providers suppliers Tours?Now, I will present you a framework which is well-known for unique building style. Summer time season Structure is the biggest and best managed imperial garden in Chinese providers suppliers. And  China travel  it is one of the four well-known scenery in Chinese providers suppliers. In addition, it is known as the Collection of the Stylish Landscapes. If you Travel to Chinese providers, you must examine out it.

1. General Description

The Summer time season Structure is located on the european edge of Chinese providers, in Haidian Region, close to the european mountains. The Summer time season Structure is virtually a art collection of traditional Chinese providers agriculture that uses rocks, vegetation, pavilions, ponds, cobble tracks and other garden styles to create a elegant effect between different minutes. When you stroll around the  luxury China tour packages Summer time season Structure, you will constantly get the place changing. Summer time season is the perfect a chance to examine out Summer time season Structure.

The park develops across the low mountains, such as Strength Hill, around Kunming Pond, and is divided into three main areas such as management, living, and pleasure. The amazing components and courtyards stroll beside the stream, along the waterways and  Beijing tour packages  go up the low mountains of the hillside. The rounded joins, pretty promenades, developed ‘corridors’ and breezeways all lead visitors through ever-changing views and scenery.

2. Kunming Lake

The best spots of the summer framework are Kunming Pond and Strength Hill.

Last Saturday, my friend and I visited the summer framework from the southeast gate. When we obtained the gate, we knowledgeable the elegant garden style which is amazing and serious.

Firstly, we visited the old courtyard which is unique in Chinese providers suppliers. We took a lot of pictures with  Beijing tour  the old components and old vegetation. Through several paragraphs, we came to Kunming Pond. That is the most amazing Pond I have saw. A weblink with 17 gaps includes the stream and there is also a mountain not far from it. What a amazing picture it is!

There is an tropical isle in the center of Kunming Pond. You can go to the tropical isle by a wood created boat. When you got there, you can see a big apple plant. More over, there are a lot of other old vegetation with all kind of forms. In the stream, there are many amazing lotuses. A lot of people took pictures with the amazing lotuses.

3. The weblink with 17 holes

The weblink with 17 gaps were created of rocks and it is a long weblink connecting the new britain and the south lake tropical isle. The weblink established by the 17 gap coupon, 150 meters long. Each Qiaolan line is developed with different lions and total of 544.

4. Strength Hill

After that, we obtained Strength Hill. Strength Hill is a 58.59-meter-high mountain in the scenery of the Summer time season Structure with many components in sequence. The Strength Hill was originally called the Wengshan Hill. And it was relabeled by Emperor Qianlong in 1752, during the Qing Kingdom, when he constructed the garden. In the top part of the mountain there are amazing halls and pavilions while the back mountain, in distinct evaluation, is quiet with natural appeal. At the foot of the top part mountain, a long place along the mountain from southeast to european and an ancient-style archway provides the main access for going up the the mountain.

We obtained the top of the mountain and knowledgeable the amazing sceneries. You will discover it is another feeling evaluation to former. What pleased me most greatly is the rock road on the mountain. Last Saturday, my friend and I spent lots of your energy and effort in walking on the road and breathing fresh air. If you like the natural scene and these feeling, you can get involved in Chinese providers Visits.


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