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Top 10 Seasonal Allergy Roundup

Posted May 26 2009 1:55am

Being in a desert  where there is no real sign of Spring whatsoever I almost forgot about seasonal allergies.  Actually that's not true the Spring is cool here at 97 degrees so when Summer hits you really feel the change of seasons when it goes up to 140 degrees!!  Here are some useful websites to find out the pollen and mold count for the  United States  and  Europe  (if anyone has maps for other regions, please send them to me).  Let's do a quick round up of the  top 10 easy to obtain over the counter natural products which are   effective  against the fire and brimstone  symptoms  of nature's freshest season.

Imagine this.  You're a bucket filled with water which represents all of life's many insults on your system.  I don't mean the underhand comment from your boss. I mean the 8  krispy-kreme  doughnuts by lunch, the polluted cities we live in and the generally low quality food and water we ingest.  In essence, the bucket is full.  Now when we are living our lives in this state, the addition of a single drop of water causes the bucket to overflow.  The body is overloaded as it were, and the immune response is hyperactive, mediated by IgE immunoglobulins.  The symptomatic relief is directed at both preventing the water from spilling out, and emptying the bucket.

I used to suffer from debilitating seasonal allergies which were 100% resolved with acupuncture ( heres the wonderful lady who helped me ) and homeopathy.  The following over the counter products will help tame the reactive immune system and will often be needed on a continual basis during allergy season.


  1. Quercetin  - Antioxidant with antihistamine & anti-inflammatory properties found primarily in apples & onions.  Difficult to absorb, so usually combined with bromelain.
  2. Bromelain  - Proteolytic enzyme found in pineapples, useful for reducing the sinus inflammation accompanying allergies (take on an empty stomach).
  3. Vitamin C   - Everyone's favorite everyday natural anti-histamine.
  4. Stinging Nettles  - Plant with anti-histamine properties.
  5. Food sensitivities   - Eliminate common food allergens during allergy season to reduce your total inflammation;  wheat, dairy, corn, soy, citrus, peanuts, tomatoes and potatoes.
  6. Netti pot  - Cleanse out pollen allergens from your sinus cavity with saline. ( how to video posted under my videos - bottom right column of the blog)
  7. Fish oil  - Powerful anti-inflammatory omega 3 fatty acids.
  8. Air purifier - Y ou spend SO much time indoors, and a lot of that sleeping.  At the least get one for the bedroom.  Make sure it has a HEPA filter, a little more expensive but worth it to reduce the amount of allergenic pollen floating around
  9. Probiotics  - Almost 70% of your immune system resides in your gut.  The correct bacterial balance will help to normalize your immune system and the subsequent immune reaction.
  10. Homeopathy -  safe, fast relief.  Here are the most commonly used remedies and when to use them.  Look for a 6C or 30C dose.


  • Allium Cepa  - lots of watery discharge from the eyes with burning discharge from the nose.
  • Arsenicum album  - obstructed nose with burning watery discharge.  Tendency to effect the right side.  
  • Euphrasia  - extremely irritated eyes, with burning discharge from the eyes.
  • Natrum muriaticum  - whitish 'egg white' discharge, worse in the open air.
  • Nux vomica  - lots of sneezing and discharge, especially in the morning.
  • Pulsatilla  - terrible itching and tearing of the eyes, watery discharge which does not burn.


Some great, high quality products to get you started and relieve your symptoms today:

Simple tips you can do everyday:

  • Change into fresh cloths when you come inside.  Pollen tends to stick to your clothing.
  • Eat whole fruits high in Vitamin C:  Guavas, currants, orange, lemon, grapefruit, peaches, kiwi, papaya, strawberries.
  • Vacuum everyday, eliminate floor rugs and throws during this time.
  • Keep windows closed.
  • Change sheets frequently.
  • Drink plenty of water.

For a long term holistic solution:


Dr. Nishant

Find more of my articles at WellWire:  

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