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To Separate Different Materials with Magnetic Separator Machine

Posted Sep 27 2013 10:13am

Use the magnetic separation to recover the heavy medium is an important part of the heavy-medium coal preparation technology. Magnetic separator is a kind of ore beneficiation method that uses the magnetic differences between mineral to achieve the separation of the different minerals in an inhomogeneous magnetic field. c technology has the following characteristics: simple technology, high efficiency, low cost, less pollution, and good economic returns, and therefore the magnetic separator machine is firstly considered in many beneficiation processes (re-election, flotation separation, and magnetic separation, etc.).

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Heavy medium coal preparation process generally uses the magnetite powder as an aggravating quality, matching with a certain density of suspension liquid as the separation media.The magnetic separation method is widely used in sorting ferrous metal ores, non-ferrous and rare metals ore鈥檚 fine sorting, and the media recovery of the heavy media beneficiation. In the past two decades, with the application of rare earth permanent magnets and superconducting magnets, magnetic separation equipment has been growing at an astonishing speed. Its application scope is constantly expanded, the separation in non-metallic minerals and the application in the environmental protection, recycling, the petrochemical catalyst regeneration and biotechnology has also been greatly developed. The magnetic separation is carried out in the magnetic field of the magnetic separation equipment.

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The selected ore is sent to the selected sub-space, it is received the magnetic and mechanical forces (including gravity, centrifugal force and the viscous resistance). Different magnetic ore particles are subjected to different magnetic effect, moving along the different paths. Due to different particle motion paths, so they can respectively access the magnetic and non-magnetic products. If the magnetic particles of the magnetic products enter the path of movement, it is determined by the ratio of magnetic force and all the mechanical force. If the non-magnetic particles of the non-magnetic products enter the path of movement, it is determined by the resultant force of acting on their mechanical force.

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