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Tips And Techniques For A Strong Basketball Offense

Posted Apr 24 2013 7:55am

Tips And Techniques For A Strong Basketball Offense

Offensive plays in basketball is all about scoring or, in other words, shooting the ball through the hoop in a strategic manner. Offensive moves in basketball consist of a series of continuous actions that may include passes, drives, screens, fakes and cuts that are all intended to set up a shot. Successful offensive plays require a lot of constant practice and the collective effort of the team.

Developing good offense tactics is one of the keys of being a great basketball player and this should start as soon as you begin learning the game. At the same time that there are offense techniques that you should cultivate, there are also certain actions that you should avoid doing inside the court. Here's a quick look at what you should and should not develop in order to gain a strong offense in basketball:

Be a part of the game's action at all times. Don't just stand still and watch the game happen. Unfortunately, many basketball players are guilty of this. However, just moving around will not work either. The key is in acting with a purpose, which will make you harder to guard. This is an effective strategy for both offensive and defensive plays.

Prevent your opponent from stealing your team's passes by making sure you do not telegraph a pass, which happens when you look at the person or the direction where you intend to pass the ball to. Meeting the ball when it's passed to you is also a great technique to ensure the pass is not stolen.

Always be aware of where your team mates are in the court. This is particularly important when you are about to take a shot. When you know where your team mates are, then you can decide before attempting to shoot the AUTHENTIC JORDANS ball whether someone else in your team is in a better position than you to score. Hence, you can pass the ball to that person.

Lastly, develop a team-oriented attitude. Keep in mind that you're playing as a team in basketball. While it is important to deliver good one-on-one offensive plays, keep this aspect in balance with your performance as a member of the team.

There are several offense moves in basketball that a team can practice but good coaches know that is better to choose an offense play that matches his players' strengths, size and speed. For one-to-one offense, you can work on 'freelance' motion offenses and the more challenging but very effective style called the Triangle Offense.

If the inside post players of your team are not that strong, consider practicing patterned offenses like the Shuffle, Swing, Flex and Thunder. In these plays, the players will interchange their positions to confuse defenders. There is a tendency for this play to be predictable because players are following a pattern so establishing options and counters are key to making this offense effective.

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