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Posted by Melissa

I was working in the yard saturday and some tiny black ants were crawling up my legs (yes, I had ANTS IN MY PANTS).  I could feel them biting me and had to strip down and brush them all off.  These areas were very itchy for several hours but I couldn't see where the bites were.   24 hours later I had big red welts and woke up in the middle of the night scratching them.  The welts are at least 10x the size of the ants!  So, does that mean I am allergic to these tiny black ants or is this a normal reaction?  I won't take benadryl because it puts me to sleep and I need to be alert for work, children etc.

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Hey Melissa,

I too gave ant bites by black ants and have the welts all over my legs. This happened 1 month ago and still there.  Did you find the cure...please tell me...

Embarest to pieces

Lynn Smith

Yeah I have that too a cure is OXYhives. I'm not sure if I have hives I need you tell me. There are huge looking mosquito bites or something on the back of my thigh. Wherever I scratch, they appear there. Do I have what you're having? If we do then we have the hives and OXYhives is a cure :)
I too was bit by ants and the itch and hive don't come until a day later..some get small pustules and so itchy..I too wake in the middle of the night scratching.  They leave a red raised dot which never seems to go away after the itching stops.  I am going to try caladryl lotion as that is what we used for chicken pox.  If anyone finds a solution, let me know.
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