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Thursday Tidbits - Wildtrees, Twitter Parties, and More!

Posted Apr 02 2009 12:26pm
Welcome to the latest edition of Thursday Tidbits!

Wait a minute, you say. Thursday Tidbits? The Tidbits posts are usually on Tuesday!

Well...yes, they are. But given that on Tuesday I was still recovering from Monday's trip to Helena (sometimes working for the Forest Service isn't glamorous) and fighting what's now been diagnosed as walking pneumonia AND a severe sinus infection, it wasn't such a good day for writing.

So this week, it's Thursday Tidbits. And hey, the alliteration still works!


I would like to start by introducing you to a friend of mine. Lauren and I go back a long way - in fact, my parents still have a picture of us reading in church when we were in the first grade! I recently reconnected with Lauren on Facebook, and she asked if I would check out her website, which features food products by a company call Wildtree.

The story behind Wildtree is the story of Leslie Montie. When Leslie discovered that her children had medical conditions requiring special dietary restrictions, she and her family sought to develop delicious foods that would not cause reactions in her children and were easy to make. Their discoveries led to the founding of Wildtree in 1996.

Wildtree seemingly markets itself similar to Tupperware - selling quality products through host and hostess parties. But in our on-line generation they also offer the ability to purchase their products through a representative's web site. If you go to Lauren's web site - - you can see that Wildtree offers a wide variety of products, from grapeseed oil to a large variety of sauces and seasonings to soups and stews. All made without artificial flavors, additives, hydrogenated fats, preservatives or dyes.

Now here's the catch, as Lauren told me when she asked me to check Wildtree out. Many Wildtree products do not contain gluten or casein, but Wildtreeproducts are not certified gluten free, or casein free for that matter, as they are manufactured in the same facility as gluten and casein-containing products (although not necessarily on the same lines). I am sure you can contact Lauren or someone else affiliated with Wildtree with questions concerning specific products.

I'd encourage you to check out Lauren's website and see if Wildtree products would meet your needs. And also, please check out Lauren's blog The Good Life where she not only shares recipes and stories, but some pretty darn good poetry as well.

Lauren, it's good to reconnect with you again.

The Gluten Free Twitter party is TOMORROW!!!

Tomorrow, April 3, is the date for the all day GFCF Twitter party! Bonnie Sayers, who blogs at Autism Family Adventures and tweets at, is our host. There will be panelists at (note: all times are PACIFIC time) 9am, 1pm, and 7:30 pm speaking on their experiences in the GF and GFCF lifestyles, including yours truly, who will be part of the 7:30 pm panel. Bonnie has also lined up prizes for you to win as well. Some come and participate - it will be fun?

How do you participate? First, click here and RSVP to Bonnie using your Twitter ID. Then, on April 3, follow all the action by using the hashmark # gfree. You can use a service such as Twitter Search, Tweetchat, or Tweetdeck to keep track of the posts under this hashmark (Bonnie has details at the RSVP post).

Please come join us for a fun day tomorrow!

Let's Do GF Ice Cream Cones

I was going to do a formal review of these wonderful treats that we picked up for the kids last week, but then remembered that my dear friend Katherine, The GFCF Mommy, already did a great review. So please click over there and read about these wonderful treats. I'll wait...
You back? Good.
One of the challenges of the GFCF lifestyle is not to create new foods, but recreate old foods so that those living this lifestyle can enjoy them as well. We have managed to do this for our children in many ways - if they have a party to go to, we can easily give them pizza or a piece of cake so they are having essential what the other kids are having. But ice cream cones were a challenge. Until now.
I actually remembered Katherine's review as decided to try and get these ice cream cones for the kids. We found them at our local Good Foods store - Whole Foods or Trader Joes probably carry them as well.
Like Katherine, I probably got as much pleasure out of watching my children eat this new treat for them as they did eating it. Another piece of childhood (and adulthood) that they can now have.
What a joy.
Recipe Roundup
This week we go back to our usual formula - 4 meals, lots of great recipes!
Okay, so I am gonna cheat a little here. But for breakfast we are doing cereal.
Most people know that last year General Mills changed the formula of their Rice Chex cereal and made it gluten free. Well, things have gone so well that they are changing the formula of smoke more Chex cereals! Corn Chex, Strawberry Chex, Honey Nut Chex, and Cinnamon Chex are all going to be made gluten free too!!
Most websites reporting this are saying that the change over occurs June 1, and in fact the Chex website is still only touting Rice Chex as being gluten free. But I was able to find GF Corn Chex at Super Walmart last week. And the folks at A Gluten Free Guide are reporting that other gluten free Chex cereals are starting to pop up on shelves throughout the country.
This is great news, and hopefully sales will soar so that other cereal manufacturers ( Kelloggs? Post? Are you listening?) will follow suit and start making their cereals gluten free.
Just be sure when you pick up your boxes of Chex that you read the label to be sure you have the GF version.
Wanna try something good for lunch? Then head over to Karina's Kitchen and try this recipe for Baked Grape Tomatoes with Basil and Cornbread Crumbs. It looks delicious!
Or how about a panini? Carrie, the Ginger Lemon Girl, offers these Chipotle Chicken Panini's to try. What, you say, panini means bread? Not to Carrie...she uses the chicken as bread!!
Feeling a little daring, and maybe a little Italian? Then friend Sea at the Book of Yum has the answer! As part of the Daring Baker's challenge, Sea made GF and Egg Free Spinach Egg Pasta, along with several sauces and " uncheeses" so you can make lasagne rolls! Mmm....Yum!!
For more Daring baker Lasagne recipes, check out these offerings by Sheltie Girl and Lauren, the Celiac Teen. Note that these two are not necessarilty casein free, so if you are CF you will have to make some substitutions.
Dessert today is cookies, starting with these delightful Peanut Butter Vegan Lace Cookies, courtesy of Ellen at I Am Gluten Free.
Wanna try something a little different? Celine at Have Cake, Will Travel has the answer! Try these Tahini Orange (or Lemon) Cookies. The look great!
As always, these are just a small sampling of the wonder GF and GFCF recipes that are being shared by some terrific bloggers. Please visit the blogs on my right sideboard for more great recipes. And, if your blog is not on the sideboard, please leave me a comment and I will be happy to add it!
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