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Three Magic Weapons for Amazon

Posted Oct 05 2012 10:43am

Kindle is not at all notable, it only provides a pure read, not as sexy as the Apple iPad. Kindle's design didn't cause any trouble, product color scrap and ash in ashtrays. In 2007 Kindle sale price was $ 399, sold out within five hours. Critics argue that this is just a small niche market, fanatical pursuit of Kindle for book lovers. But as the day went on, and Kindle proved these critics is wrong.

Amazon Kindle applications developed for the iPad is simply too easy, some people think that the Kindle hardware device has went.

Not so, one reason is that Kindle uses black and white e-ink, this is an early dotcom technology has been invented before the start. Another reason is that Jeff Bezos's low price strategy--the cheapest Kindle model requires only $ 69, is cheaper than parking ticket in most United States cities.

In conjunction with Apple's iOS devices sold millions of units, sales of the Kindle is also very good. Apple is proud to announce quarterly sold how many iPhone and iPad has sold, Amazon is prudent and will put Kindle sales receivable and the media combined to calculate a new digital standard "product sales ".

Next time when you see who use the Kindle in public, you can look carefully. Ask if they like paper books, some would say. Once the reader is immersed in the lines will not sense the difference between paperback and Kindle. From the design point of view, the Kindle was the digital paper. Tablet PCs want to accomplish too many functions, this is fundamentally different from Kindle. Tablet PC is clearly not a digital paper and even what will become the opposite and paper.

In the silicon valley, Apple is a company that typically has a good industrial ecology. Besides, we can also see from its accessories, apart from ipad, Apple also made all kinds of ipad accessories, for example, cheap ipad 2 cases. A month ago I started thinking about the industrial ecology of the Amazon, Amazon releases new e-readers and tablet devices. Given the flat RIM, Microsoft, Dell and Motorola that have failed in the field experience, how can Amazon to nurture its own ecosystem? Americans in one-fifth has a tablet device today, simple interface for Amazon Kindle is, why can win the hearts of so many consumers? The answer is simple: start from long ago, Amazon deeply started to study in its own industry.

When RIM and Google, Microsoft and other companies are competing App developers with Apple, but will look in the traditional areas of the Amazon: it has centuries of history of the publishing industry. This is a huge consumer market, at the time of the rise of the Internet has stubbornly prefer paper books. Amazon has been doing, is to extend this shift from printed books to Amazon's brand loyalty. Book is only part of the digital content industry. Amazon through their Prime program, select more digital content will take consumers to a shopping mall.

Low-price strategy, customer loyalty and content rich eco-system for Amazon opened a good start. When hardware manufacturers are also in the field of low-cost tablet device to compete, they will want to ask how did Amazon do. The answer sounds simple: the eco-system.

WitsView believes that Amazon choose to absorb the cost and put 7-inch Kindle Fire HD the same set at a level of $ 199, in addition to consolidating as the share of the loss the Nexus 7 that were selling like hotcakes, for the fourth quarter it will be listed with iPad mini products of a similar size, taste of forestall one ' s opponent by a show of strength in its selling price, enough to see that Amazon tries to divide forces advance on the low price and the mainstream market, determination to defend 7-inch market.

According to WitsView of observation, including Google, Amazon and other platform commercials, provides content. Through subsidies of way down flat computer price almost has into normal, this for simple only can from hardware profit of flat computer brand,, 7 inch market has gradually lost competition of advantage, once future same mode is copy to 10.1 inch or 10.6 inch market, hardware manufacturers in flat computer of survival space will further is compression.

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