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The silence of the night the intellectual

Posted Oct 17 2012 7:51am

In Chinese writing Chinese writers have to the Nobel Prize for literature, is twelve years ago, a good thing was the Moncler Outlet official deliberately keep silent voice, with magnum opus "soul mountain", "one man's bible" world famous literary gao phenomenon, in his country is to refuse the claustrophobic. In China's official medium, the Nobel Prize for literature award in 2000 to an abrupt end.

This year's Nobel Prize for literature unexpectedly to the Chinese writer, mo yan, the official in the sacred and serious "news broadcast" spot in time, and expressed his firm position: this is the first Chinese writer to win the Nobel Prize in literature. Emphasize "nationality", it is to show the writer's political attribute. Mo yan's works radiation to shandong folk culture unnatural Moncler Outlet lustre, weird and abundant imagination narrates the legend, make public is wanton humanity, have devil of a genius writer's reputation. Inkling mo yan the life of people know, mo yan is not only forces writer, or China, vice chairman of wenjun, member of Chinese communist party.

If literature can and political cut clean, mo yan is perhaps is a pure novelist, it is at most a in the political standpoint intentional "oyster". He and scholars CuiWeiPing won't forget three years ago that little thing: when a nonviolent protesters liu xiaobo for organizations signed the "eight charter" the punishment 11 years later, CuiWeiPing for cultural intelligentsia opinion, mo yan answer is: "don't know, don't want to talk about. Is there any guests, are and they speak."

Mo yan award in China and pile up great waves. Inferior Chinese literature stand abruptly the tall, they seem to need so a confirmation. Even a big mouth scholars thought, this is Swedish grand strategy, is to China's rise affirmation, is China's cultural soft power strong proof.
It seems that everybody can conjecture out the awards committee intentions: to act with a hidden motive and seasonable to male - repair and China in bad tension, thaw and China's economic and trade relations, more important is, let imprisoned the Nobel Prize for literature and peace prize in China glorious out of jail, rooted in the Chinese heart, spread the influence of their due.

Some doubt, from the dalai lama, gao xingjian, liu xiaobo to mo yan, the Nobel Prize committee from the universal values of the defenders transformation into a timid who person, this stark change, make Chinese intelligentsia feel depressed. The Chinese literature night, at the same time is the intellectual sad night. If mo yan is a pure folk literature writers, they will not easily Moncler Outlet accept this fact, and mo yan just is a party member writer, is vested interest, their words and deeds lack of intellectual smell, never belong to the Nobel Prize for literature should be the object of praise. If, in accordance with the value choice, they recognized the north island, LiaoYiWu, LiRui, even yu hua.

In the present China, system inside writer for incentive, almost all the cynics are changed. Literature destruction, text mostly become amuse oneself thing. Through age mists, comfort the heart and call for the reunification of life dignity of words, like footsteps valley. Eager to change the status quo of the people, hear the call of the great expectations, they particularly care about from the distant Stockholm information.

The winning news, hit the such people. In their view, the Nobel to mo yan the lack of independent position of the workman to write, it really is dead! In the Chinese intelligentsia heart died. Their ideal dead. In a held Nobel peace prize winner place as Moncler Jackets many people rushed to share the glory mo yan, they was silent.

MaYueRan, this let Chinese literati possessed Sinologist, with his love of Chinese literature, has subverted the Nobel Prize for literature values, completely out of the intelligentsia to the goddess of fear, I'm afraid this is the literature of night the most sad.
To make the capitalism good operation, the government must play a regulatory role. Many western governments have ignored it. On top of that, the west still had nurtured a huge, widely considered to be created a large number of "value" financial services. In a period of time, like all perfect ponzi scheme, things looked indeed. But now come out in the wash, the industry does not create any practical value.

The second point error is the European capitalist from 20 century marxist threats to the teaching of the middle school to throw to the brain. To make the capitalist system continue, each class must benefit from it. That time, wages have increased. Although capitalist made a fortune, but all others and all the benefit.
But all these lessons have been forgotten in the brain. Inequality increased greatly. A more serious problem is rising unemployment. Asian countries by formulating various promote job growth plan, stop the trend. But western describe as "industrial policy", that is a kind of ideology heresy.

Western make third point error is, they in the third world to promote capitalism advantage at the same time, does not teach to the domestic people know "creative destruction". Textbook correctly pointed out that, when the car appeared, carriage industry will die. But they did not teach people, when new competitors from China and India emerging came out, they have to learn a new skill.

Although there are kinds of defects, capitalism is still the best system to improve human welfare. But it is also a kind of imperfect system. It requires government carefully supervision. Asia has never forget this, western forgot to soup. Asian thanked western generous share capitalism perhaps to. Should invite western policymakers to Japan and South Korea, China and Singapore industrial base and service center to visit. Here perhaps everywhere all have valuable experience worthy of their learning.

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