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the same time, Bryant also

Posted Jan 22 2013 8:52am
fans to recommend a good book, and said, Cheap Nike Air Max 2011 it is the book let yourself out of their shadows. In before last night's game, kobe Bryant had a bad cold, and even once cannot decide whether or not to play, but a great players can always surpass yourself, eventually, kobe Bryant still choose to endure pain, to fight in the game he will show a good competitive state, the Los Angeles lakers and rival expansion stalemate, but some lens can also confirm that he is a patient, was off the field, Bryant evident symptoms of cough, and he did not sitting on the bench, but lying on the sidelines, Nike Air Max 2011 Mens with a hot towel apply is on the forehead. Match very hard, the lakers all theWill the collective force kobe Bryant had to repeatedly start singles mode, in a layup, Bryant after the look in the eyes of the dead, his forehead seepage bean big beads, and even lower jaw also take on the CiShiPing (micro bo) shoulder, the body is very weak, but even so, Peter or in the final 24 seconds left in the violent wind three points, Nike Air Max 2011 Womens it is a pity that, George hill's layup undermined his performance. At the end of the game, Bryant said himself very tired, a combat completely loss dry his fitness, Peter also admitted that the present physical condition is very bad, have feel exhausted. For a person suffering from a cold person, in the struggle hard 44 minutes, to continue to attack the basket, this will undoubtedly need extraordinary willpower, and 10 turnovers also seems to be that kobe Bryant is in order to an atypical game. And today, Nike Air Max 2012 kobe update their Facebook, he in the face of the book revealed his cold still not cured, and the sharp physical overdraft also forced him long time lying in bed rest. "I feel now is still not very good, in the day time, I have been in bed." Kobe Bryant wrote. Although still suffered from flu torture, but kobe Bryant still showed a positive attitude, he also recommended To the fans a good book "Thirty Rooms To Hide In", mainly about the six brothers In the dark room To grow In the face of the story, Peter book wrote: "nothing more than a good book more can let me from the shadow of defeat yesterday came out, I really like this book." In the home defeat to the pacers, arrange the team's handsome rest one day. Suffering from the flu Bryant use this precious time to rest at home in
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