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The Role of Nutrition in Cancer: Dr. Folkman's War Book Review

Posted Apr 17 2012 4:57pm

Cancer is not a pretty subject, but it is a topic that one out of two and one out of three Americans face depending upon your race and gender. Cancer is a subject that I started researching in May of 2004 and not because I wanted to research cancer. I researched cancer because five unrelated strangers told me independent of each other that I should research cancer based on my daughter's health issues. Trust me - I was not happy about it. But I did it. From my research, the role of nutrition in cancer seems pretty direct and clear - something that years later, Dr. Oz would state on the Oprah Show before she started the OWN network and long before Dr. Oz was a household name and had his own TV show.

What Dr. Oz said on a memorable Oprah Show was that basically we all have cancer cells in our bodies. The difference between a cancer cell multiplying and turning into a cancer tumor or not was nutrition. In this particular episode, Dr. Oz rattled off a number of nutritional supplements and the quantities of each that people would be well advised to take. Had I know that Dr. Oz was going to be so direct and clear about the relationship between nutrition and cancer, I would have taped the show. But let's move on to the book: "Dr. Folkman's War - Angiogenesis and the Struggle to Defeat Cancer" by Robert Cooke.

Dr Folkmans War

On page 206 of my copy (Chapter 12), the author is describing how the business of life is conducted - through amino acid sequences or chains. Let me quote from the "Dr. Folkman's War" book:

"It is through this process, with about a hundred thousand different genes telling the cells exactly whch proteins to make, that the business of life is conducted. Indeed, illness strikes when this protein-building process breaks down. If amino acids are left out, or the wrong ones are put in place, a protein such as an enzyme or growth factor is made incorrectly, or not at all, and the result can be the disaster of genetic disease, or cancer."

In layman's terms, what this passage is stating is that if your body lacks the right nutrition and therefore can't produce or doesn't have access to the right amino acids, you may have a disastrous result - cancer or a genetic disease. In other words, the importance of nutrition to human health is something that most researchers should fully understand. But we laypeople or consumers don't have the same understanding of the importance of nutrition.

In the nine years it has taken me to get my daughter to go from being a very sick child with a life-threatening illness to a healthy child who is well, the one thing that has been resounding is the importance of nutrition to good health. Back to "Dr. Folkman's War", I assert that this book should be required reading of anyone who says that they care about cancer and anyone who gives money to the cancer cause. This book, in my humble opinion, should be made into a movie because separate from the research contained in this book, it contains the most compelling and touching story of Dr. Folkman. May God rest his soul. This book would be hard for some lay people to read as it is basically the history book on cancer. So take your time and read just a few pages at a time.

You can buy the book on I'm not sure where else it is sold, but trust me - this book is well worth the time and energy to sit down and read - that is if you care at all about cancer! If you are a film maker - this book made into a movie could rival any inspirational movie you've ever seen! If you have read it, I'd love to hear your comments!


Lisa A. Lundy


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