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The rockets core given special care haddon cut 15 points return home audience

Posted Feb 20 2013 3:29am
The host star will be certain to take care of, the last (2006) all-star weekend was held in Houston, the t-mac received special care, even if is the peak Bryant for Tracy McGrady to do background (kobe Bryant of the all-star only eight points), eventually McGrady cut down the west forces 36 points, but east forces, come to a 122-120 win, final MVP is scored 29 points away from lebron James. Nike Air Foamposite One After seven years, all star weekend in Houston again tonight, now the rockets star turned into "beard" haddon, he can enjoy what kind of treatment? In the first quarter haddon last 5 minutes 33 seconds as a substitute, in front of him playing is Tony parker and Tim Duncan, theory in the league now in the position, haddon also natural after them, and west forces boss is gregg popovich, his spurs disciple nature will be certain to take care of. Play 2 minutes later, haddon to acquire the first shots, but hands for a three-point shot at home, it seems that the basket does not take care of him. Haddon since then for wes brooke sent out assists, the "thunder combination" successful cooperation again, this also is haddon pre-match said he really looking forward to - and thunder duo to again. Haddon then missed a layup, in many big front, he also failed to quick access to the state. But haddon after all is a "sixth man" was born, the second quarter began, he found the condition, continuous hit two goals at home the cheers of the fans, natural is the most violent. Haddon play rise, two shots, but a projection 3-pointers. The second quarter haddon played half time change, the first half dozen 12 minutes, 6 for 2 cut down 4 points, haddon 12 minutes of time is the most bench than main players more than Howard. Cheap Air Foamposite One The third quarter, haddon until the last three points 42 seconds to get playing, this time he no longer "reserved", come up to 2 times, but also assists in the boom 3's little layup inroads, west forces played a score high tide, leading to four points into the small game. Fourth quarter, haddon continue to stay in the game, received power less assists, haddon again in shoot threes, 113 -, - 104. Haddon return the compliment, also assists wei less inside cut points, then haddon again, this building layup for a period of time, haddon peremptory is west forces main firing point! The fourth quarter in the last seven minutes and 37 seconds, haddon substituted; when he scores have soared to 15 points, is worthy of the audience at Houston. Gregg popovich indeed face, the last 5 minutes and seconds, haddon had been in appearance, west troops let haddon enjoy starting treatment, replace the Howard to end game. Durant to MVP eye, haddon 2 times the ball didn't work, but with the ball to former teammates, freddy adu you're welcome, the ball will attack. Haddon game last its is a layup, but missed. Durant leading attack, Bryant defensively, rob mirror (2 shots James), haddon this time into "foil", but he finally and western forces stars playing away, 143-138. Penny Hardaway Shoes Haddon played 26 minutes, 13 for 6 cut down 15 points and 6 rebounds and three assists, haddon playing time and score are among the highest in the bench, home fans feel satisfied.No over cars, no new ideas, yesterday, NBA all-star dunk contest is ending. Finally, the Toronto raptors rose to a record over the child at the same time the air crossovers dunk movement, won the championship. This simple action can win, fully benefit from other players mediocrity: white line of takeoff hands Slam Dunk, minimum has stridden the free throw line a step; Evans played a flyby self-portrait, but it more like his personal art performance; Is expected to green performance is poor, many times to dunk failed... Courtside, spike lee bored, wes brooke was callous, and all the fans from the outbreak of the boo... This is the 2013 all-star dunk contest glance. "Little emperors" lebron said: "no dunk is we haven't seen. As for creative... it's hard to say this year dunk contest, befriending the creativity." And McGrady in China after watching the television could not help vomit slot way: "oh! The dunk contest the terrible!" Due to the morning training's sake, liao basket ta JieJun missed the skills competition and 3 series, but see the Slam Dunk contest has let him feel satisfied. Nike Air Foamposite Pro For several button will performance, JieJun, gave a high evaluation: "from a professional point of view, they are not easy to dunk. Commence business of short time, back in hands, legs in hand, you think about it, how can other people could have done so many things? The human body is a limit, they break through the limit, so it should be good. This is not any players can make, maybe you always want to see some fresh things, but I feel too picky."
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