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the review derrick rose shoes 2012 homework time

Posted Oct 10 2012 8:24am
Syria Leo as night and lack of sleep, wake up tired, to review homework at night when you want to take a nap. One night, Syria Leo doing homework, competition lying on the table and fell asleep."Hey, motives, intentions! Doing your homework!" Father clapped his hands called him. Syria Leo opened his eyes, continue to review. But the second night, the third night, and the same playing Waner and increasingly bad situation, not lying asleep in the book, is very late morning, the review derrick rose shoes 2012 homework time, always with tired, just like homework tired of the whole thing. The father saw this situation, remind him repeatedly, and finally even angry, although he has not scold the child.One morning, his father told him: "Syria Leo! Matter? Than not changed like it? Attention to you! Hope of a people are in your body, you know?"Syria Leo scolded for the first time since the birth, I was hurt. He thought: "Yes, such a thing can not last long to do so, not non-stop."

But this day for dinner when the father is very pleased to say: "this month than last month, earn six four corners of the money!" He drawer and took out a bag of candy to said that bought celebrate it. The kids are happy. Syria also perk up Leo was secretly said to myself: "Alas, still continue to do so during the day, with little power, the night is still work it!" My father went on to say: "earn six $ 1.40 money jordan 10 sale despite the good, but this child - "Here pointed to Syria Leo," He really made me sad! "Syria Leo quietly suffering from blame, to hold back the tears should flow out, and my heart is very happy.This went on for two months, the father still scold him, his attitude is more bad. One day, the father to the school to find a teacher, asked Syria Leo. The teacher said: "Fortunately, his achievements, because he is very smart heart, but not as good as the previous day, always yawning, always seem to want to sleep, the heart can not be completely on homework."
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