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THe PA Kid Turns 5!!

Posted Jan 11 2010 4:30am
Tyler and his dad


Is anyone still out there?

Good, glad to know you are out there! You might have noticed I was M.I.A. here lately!

In the last month, I've had tons going on! My grandma passed away, I had a nasty cold, a headache that lasted 2 weeks (yes, it was awful!) and two people in my home had a birthday! Oh, yes, and there was a little something called "Christmas and "New Year's!"

Of everything that was going on lately, one of the positive things (or sad, if you are his Mommy!) is that Tyler, a.k.a. "The Peanut Allergy Kid" turned 5!

It is hard to believe all that the last 5 years has brought into my life. When he was born, I worried just about the fact he was my first child and I wasn't sure if I knew how to be a mom. Now, I have become a food allergy mom and it has actually been a journey I have mostly enjoyed (except something that involved peanut butter and the ER).

Last year for Tyler's birthday, I gave you a little more personal information about who he is. Really, not a lot of those things have changed. This year, I want to celebrate by sharing how much he has grown in his own food allergy awareness in the last year.

*Tyler now asks before he eats ANYTHING out of the home if it is "safe." If you are newly diagnosed, this comes in time. Remember he's 5 now and I remind him EVERY SINGLE DAY!!

*Tyler has made 2 playmates with a peanut allergy. Both moms contacted me after reading this blog. Obviously they are local. It is great to not worry about someone else "getting it" on these great play dates.

*Tyler was diagnosed with a cashew allergy in March through more skin testing. This, of course, was not a positive development. In fact, he had never even seen or heard the word "cashew" when he was diagnosed. (Can you say "nut free home??"). All it took was a quick Google search for a picture and an explanation. Enough said to him! Now he points them out in the grocery store if he sees them.

*Tyler's dad was diagnosed with nut allergies in the spring. This was certainly an "ugh!" moment for me! But, Tyler was thrilled! He was so excited when Daddy brought home his very own EpiPen. (Me?? Not so much...) Now he will tell his dad when things are safe or not. I still hate it that my husband is allergic to nuts but the bond it has created with him and Tyler has been great!

*Tyler is the only kid in his class this year with a food allergy. It's still hard for me to believe that of the 21 kids in his class, he's the only one, but he is! Last year there were several, including a little boy with a peanut allergy. He has handled himself with an incredible amount of maturity this year. After the initial shock wore off, his mom has, too!

Really, there is not a lot new to share about Tyler since I blog about most of his life regarding his peanut allergy (poor boy!) But, I still felt it important to post some milestones. I know some of you out there have much younger peanut allergy kids and feel like they will never be safe or understand their own allergy.

They will! This post is proof!

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