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The official rookie list: the history of vladimir radmanovic 1 people thick eyebrows elder brother to return to the second

Posted Feb 21 2013 6:35am
rumors and he relates in together. Previously had news shows, the Los Angeles lakers [micro bo] was also discussed and the celtics rondo trading, and in duffy today before the show, and news rondo can trade.CBS reporter, Ken's in duffy made it clear that rondo won't be traded later said, rondo won't be traded only relative, the celtics for rondo heart price only three, respectively is Dwight Howard, Chris Paul [micro bo] or and the New York knicks for carmelo Anthony Cheap Soldier 6 [micro bo] that send out a large amount of chip, and these from so far have not too realistic. Although rondo basic has not be sent away from the celtics may, but there are news shows that green army still for Atlanta josh Smith is very interested. In view of the green army is now left chip only Kevin garnett [micro bo] and Paul Pierce [micro bo], and Kevin garnett has trading veto, if green army really want to strive to get josh, very likely will have to send out career has not Pierce the team play.Beijing time on February 21,, the NBA [micro bo] official today announced the latest list of rookie season so far, never let the top position of the slip the rudd last week, he still hot in skills challenge in NBA history to become the first rookie season champion player. In the after Mr Rudd, the ups and downs of the season thick Cheap Lebron Soldier 6 eyebrows brother Anthony Davis again down to the second. The Mr Rudd's rookie of the performance is not good, the three-pointer only twenty throw in 2, but in the end he still in 27 minutes to get the points and five assists. With the downturn of the rookie, compared the skills challenge the rudd but more attractive to the eye, he also became the first rookie status in crowned skills challenge champion player. Before the all-star weekend, Davis with a 21 points, 11 rebounds and 2 blocks game continue to prove himself worthy of a top position. This season Davis because of injury have been ups and downs, he and the Mr Rudd's gap is still very large, but these are not prevent him gradually show the future can become a superstar. In after returning from injury, bill gradually returned to normal orbit is supreme, the past Cheap Lebron 6 three games he has two get more than the bill is expected to continue to use the excellent performance and the challenge Davis Mr Rudd's position.Vitesse in rookie "shot 11 of 12 had 23 points, only 19 minutes, when showed his good feel. In the previous and the spurs game, vitesse also have 15 shots and scoring and the performance of the points. Since in February, he shot reached 50.7%. Bits of vader in the rookie of the many wonderful impressive, the rookie from Russia with the aid of the all-star stage tell the world that he could put on some wonderful dunk, of course, during the regular season, he also often have such performance, is easy to be ignored. Yesterday before had Derrick Rose Shoes seven points, singh's five consecutive games have been scored in double figures. In jose calderon was traded to the team after, singh's shooting returned to the beginning of the season on a high level, the trade line 1 10 games shot 46.8%, averaging can get 11.1 points and five rebounds. In both period, piston with a kind of unconventional ways to Della mond to continue with the team, playing tom-tom. This method make Della mond not far away from the team, also let he can let before his injury that continue to maintain momentum. Rudy gay coming success attracted the Toronto raptors this is not all of the attention, but tile LanXiu accept, after returning from injury also grab an eye. At present in the Toronto raptors this wave 5 winning streak, tile LanXiu nano, averaging can get eight points and 8.8 rebounds 1.6 blocks, there is no doubt that this is only twenty years old young man has a bright futureNicholson in season after the second basic has established the starting position, at present he has four consecutive games to score in double, the match yesterday he also scored a career-high 12 rebounds. In February, Nicholson is averaging 11.9 points, you can get all the fourth in the rookie.
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