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The Newest iPhone 5 Cases for iPhone fans

Posted Nov 26 2012 8:44am

Apple iPhone5 is not only a hot topic of discussion, but also its accessories also get lots of attention, now iPhone5 has launched, its accessories also has listed, while the iPhone 5 published before, many accurate explosion information let Apple iPhone5 to get no surprise to us, but this still cannot block the machine to become most hot of smart phone in market the today, especially the shell of iPhone5 has a big problem that paint removed, and of supporting of protection shell products is endless, Today two of the world famous companies RGBMIX and Belkin, different design styles of iPhone5 are different qualities.

One global brand, as long as the loss of the Chinese market, and will lose to high in the global market, is unlikely to become a truly global brand. The Global well-known brands of Apple accessories RGBMIX also understand this truth, so RGBMIX a series of best iphone 5 cases absolutely can give you enough protection.

Streamlined Silicon metal case

Racing has been a symbol of Regal Club, its powerful engine has won many people's desire and envy, and in terms of product design, streamlined design of racing, is designed to high areas, luxury and fashion modern.

According to sports car of streamline concept, RGBMIX combined hard quality zinc alloy material and soft of silicone material, development has global first paragraph metal + silicone iPhone5 series protection set metal outside box, has its unique of cool and texture, its has edges of appearance to people fortitude, and steady of feeling, and silicone, has always been as most environmental, and has strong elastic and protection role of material, which is mainstream protection set not missing of material element.

The front of case uses the high polymer material cast into zinc alloy, drawing on the streamlined sports car design concept, holding is very strong, ergonomic, deserve to be classic in design. Protection design of front and back surfaces of the same function, achieve the perfect combination of metal and silicone materials, the back of protective sleeve is very ergonomic, affordable silicone thickness design, protective sleeve round easy to grip, metal and silicone beauty, which is self-contained.

Currently, metal iPhone cases have a large number of problems present, for example, relatively thick, just the protection of borders, in addition to hardline and places easy metal friction machines, wear and tear of the machine. And RGBMIX metal + silicone of iPhone5 protection set design, can complete to protect Apple Phone positively, the back silicone is good to protect Apple phone, while, also makes metal framework does not friction to machine caused machine of wear, more important is, General of metal framework Apple Phone protection set needs screws for fixed, loaded split is very trouble, needs screwdriver tool to open, and this paragraph iPhone5 protection set has used connection pieces firing pin of practices, Just want a safety pin, or even toothpicks can cover 2 metal parts up and down gently poked open, Assembly, disassembly and free, this is RGBMIX Silicon metal protector from the important aspects of General metal protection box.

The angels tears series protective case- which belongs for cute iphone cases

The angels tears "iPhone5 phone protective case is a great product that is jointly designed by United States local designers and designers of China's largest industrial designers after Swarovski Crystal products got succeed in the China market, it will also push RGBMIX Diamond series iPhone5 cover to the top of mobile phone in the Chinese apples accessories.

The idea of RGBMIX tears of Angel iPhone5 cover came from women's diamond necklace, diamond necklace, because of its elegant design and Flash of sparkling Visual effects, access to female consumers of all ages.

Noteworthy is that this RGBMIX product is designed jointly by Chinese designer of research and Development Center and the product, relatively early classic Swarovski Crystal iphone4 case, has greater breakthrough in color, gradient color gradient dynamic effect of diamond, which is syncretism between heaven and man.

In terms of product technology, the angels tears iPhone5 protector uses full IML technology, in a global context, suppliers of this technology is very rare, and prices are very high, this also reflects the RGBMIX as a high-end brand of strength and ability.

Classic, simple Swarovski Crystal iPhone5 cover and 78 diamond tears of Angel iPhone5 cover segmentation and positioning are the crowd is different, able to meet the needs of different market segments.

Classic Swarovski Crystal iPhone5 cover is the consumers will like who is elegant, simple, more introverted and mature, and tears of Angel iPhone5 protection in more colorful color and sense of shock, and imaginative, enthusiastic consumers more choice of dreams and tears of Angel iPhone5 protector.

Flowers in the mirrors edge wear flower case- which belongs for unique iphone cases

Overall of RGBMIX flowers in the mirrors-spent grinding protective shell uses ultra thin design, feel comfortable, simple and elegant; special mirror silver, sparkling shine, fashionable and beautiful back special materials, feel more comfortable than other common patterns and delicate product comparison, no deformation of material texture on the back is strong, stronger sense of value.

Bottom is using acrylic material with a very high level of wear resistance, its wear resistance is a common plastic material iPhone5 cover several times, second only to the hardness of the glass. Its very good gloss, sense of values is very strong. Design highlights the fashion sense of simplicity and youthful appearance, most people love this iphone cases.

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