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The must see movie on cancer: "Burzynski, the movie"

Posted Jun 29 2010 9:59pm

We raise money for cancer every single day of the year. Now, we even have children raising money for cancer. Billions of dollars are given over to "find a cure" for the horrible cancers that take our friends, our family, or co-workers, our neighbors and even people we don't even like. Our tax dollars have been spent on cancer for decades and the cancer industry is one of the largest employers in our country. Yet, how many consumers have ever spent much time researching cancer? How much research has the average consumer done on the subject of cancer? How much money have you donated in the big 'race for the cure'?

Six years ago when I was calling individuals across the country who I thought could help me with my daughter's health issues, I was told in no uncertain terms that I should research cancer. When five unrelated strangers tell you on five separate occasions that you should do something - heads up, you might want to think about whatever they are suggesting. In this case, I did research cancer even though I didn't want to. I can understand the feeling of not wanting to know what there is to know.

Now, thanks to Burzynski, the movie, you can sit in the comfort of your own home and be enlightened about cancer. The research has been done for you. Here is the link to the website: . Do you care about cancer? Do you really care? Do you want to know what is happening in the area of cancer that has been hidden from your view? This is, in my humble opinion, a must see movie! Go to the website and purchase a copy - no better yet - purchase two copies. Watch the movie and share it on facebook, Linked in, Ning, Digg, on your blogs or the blogs you visit. If you watch the movie, please come back and post a comment and let me know what you think about the movie!

If you want to know more about one of the largest industries in America, I would highly recommend a book titled "The Cancer Industry" by Ralph W. Moss, PhD, which was originally published in 1980 by Grove Press, Inc. as "The Cancer Syndrome" and then a major revised edition was published by Paragon House in 1989 as "The Cancer Industry". When I researched cancer six years ago, Ralph W. Moss's name came up quite a bit. He has won many prestigious awards in cancer, done grand rounds at major cancer hospitals or facilities. He is highly recognized in the field of cancer and cancer research. Going back to my original question: Do you really care about cancer? Do you really want to know what is going on? Get the movie. Watch it. Pass it on. Together we can make a different in cancer. Stay tuned. I actually have a lot more to say on this topic, given the research I have done.



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