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The motor vibration patent will be used for iPad 5 and iPad mini 2

Posted Apr 24 2013 9:19am

According to United States technology blog TechCrunch of reported, mobile marketing company Velti recently publishing of March report displayed, since iPad listed, it has been occupied dominate in flat computer area, and in mobile advertising market iPad also continues to keep has a alone large of situation, iPad mini is 6.2% of share and ranked second, comparatively speaking, in the Android camp, only the market performance of Amazon Kindle Fire did good.

Velti statistics showed that advertising accounted for through the iPad to show to the entire March Tablet 91.6%, iPad of total ads showed mini ranked second with 6.2% share, Kindle Fire is 1.6%, is the best flat-panel market in the Android camp, compared with 0.6% shares in Samsung Galaxy Tab. Android Tablet shown in the total amount of advertising, Amazon's tablet to 73.4%, Samsung tablet is 26.2%.

In terms of specific devices, Apple's devices accounted for advertising display 8 seats in the Top10, iPhone 4 by virtue of 13.3% of these shares ranked first, while the Samsung Galaxy s-II and s-III, respectively ranked 8th and 10th. On all Android devices, because Samsung leading advantage in hardware, so the advertisement of its equipment accounted for Android devices 68.2% of total ads.

A few days ago, Apple released the Q2 earnings, its profits fell for the first time in almost 10 years occurred, but the iPhone is showing a surge in overall sales trends. Of course people care more about Apple's new products.

Results after the end, Cook received a United States journalist's telephone interview, he said, Apple's job is to bring true innovation to the user, but this work is very difficult, while Cook also revealed that Apple is ready for the corresponding product.

When asked exactly when those new products, Cook did not give a direct answer, just suggesting that now the product line continued, and he said, these products will make people feel excited, because they both have a strong sense of innovation.

When the specific time on when asked about new product releases, Cook said, now Apple will not give you a specific time, but these great products from this autumn to continue to see you in early 2014. From Cook's statement, meeting of iPhone 5S should be after September, in accordance with his means, of course, iPad 5, iPad mini 2 are not absent, the beginning of 2014, iWatch and iTV, are they? Apple iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 will be coming, are you looking for it? Most people not just look forward to the new iPad, but also the new iPad accessories, for example, the unique and cheap iPad mini cases.

According to foreign media reports Apple or the iPad and iPad Mini 5 2 Tablet PC to increase the vibration motors, currently Apple has patented technologies.

Recently, about the iPad 5and iPad Mini 2 will be released, there are many rumours more and more this month, the media also began to suspect iPad 5and iPad Mini 2 will launch new features. Ingenious is that foreign media recently revealed a Apple obtained a patent, for tablets increase the vibration motors, thus enhancing the iOS plate news and game features.

It is understood that Apple patent involves a multi-channel audio codec, the decoder has been implanted with a chip, mobile handset can be activated according to the input signal or vibration device.

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