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the mother painstakingly mens nike air max 95 built up a small shop and the Muzi lack

Posted Dec 11 2012 7:46am
Happy time at the same table and Muzi us with depicting Now, with the fantasy future, together with youthful brush lines outline dream. Gradually, I found the Muzi changed, she began to spend money on a lot a lot, started to wear some beautiful clothes that gives us the distance. She put down once playful pony tail, dyed rosy also streaked hair. Most other incredible that she no longer write poetry, once used to writing unreservedly to the phone's keypad. My heart hurts, after a long silence, I almost cried and cried, "as your best friend, I have a right to this road all this, you should clear things said to me!"From the the Muzi mouth I air max bw uk vaguely learned, she said that "he" has 30 years married man she met online, happened with cities after they first met this wrong story. She said he was "very nice to her, and said to her happiness, can be put aside for her own family. "He" has a lot of money to meet her needs, who once only dreamed of going Through the windows, beautiful things, "he" can give her.

I know Muzi need money. Muzi's family was very ordinary, she is not like the other girls to dress like a fresh strawberry. She said she also she also wanted to be the princess, but also want people walked past cast envious eyes.I know the Muzi the inner loneliness. His father working away from home, the mother painstakingly mens nike air max 95 built up a small shop, and the Muzi lack of parental care. Muzi character is withdrawn, it seems kind of universally a Murky proud temperament, apart from me, she has no friends. Once into her own lonely coke on the tears melt into the text, and now she is their youth to shape a destroyed happiness.I know I know, but I can not believe that once arrogant poet in such a meteor moved to fall onto the dirty muddy water, Mengsui one place.In this way, Muzi go, in addition to my series of question marks, she did not take away.
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